Wendy Williams & Kevin Hunter Officially Divorced

Wendy Williams, Kevin Hunter

Wendy Williams & Kevin Hunter Officially Divorced

Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter’s divorce is finalized. According to reports, the daytime talk show host filed for a legal split in April 2019, and it was made official Tuesday (Jan. 22).

They were married for 21 years and have son, Kevin Hunter, Jr. together.

Wendy Williams, Kevin Hunter, Jr.

Irreconcilable differences was listed as the reason for divorce.

The exes have decided not to have alimony. But Wendy Williams still has a $1 million life insurance policy for herself that would go to Kevin Hunter when she passes away. She can lower the amount annually if she wants. Still, she has to pay for Kevin Hunter’s health insurance.

They’ll share the money they received from selling their Livingston, New Jersey home (whenever it does sell). It’s currently priced at $1.7 million but was originally on the market for $1.9 million. Wendy Williams has already given Kevin Hunter $250,000 to help him find a new home, while she’s said she currently lives in a Manhattan apartment.

Williams gets the money from their joint bank account along with Hunter’s shares in Wendy Williams Productions. She will continue being the only owner of Wendy, Inc as Hunter was given a lump sum along with a severance payment from Wendy, Inc. He previously served as the executive producer of her daytime talk show before their split.

Wendy Williams & Kevin Hunter

Hunter will also keep his businesses and his Ferrari and Rolls Royce.

Both are responsible for their own legal fees.

Williams’s filing came amid news that Hunter and his mistress of more than a decade, Sharina Hudson, welcomed a baby together. Hunter ultimately released a public statement apologizing to Williams.

“28 years ago I met an amazing woman: Wendy Williams. At the time, I didn’t realize that she would not only become my wife, but would also change the face of entertainment and the world. I have dedicated most of our lives to the business empire that is Wendy Williams Hunter, a person that I truly love and respect unconditionally. I am not proud of my recent actions and take full accountability and apologize to my wife, my family and her amazing fans. I am going through a time of self-reflection and am trying to right some wrongs.

Wendy Williams, Kevin Hunter

No matter what the outcome is or what the future holds, we are still The Hunter Family and I will continue to work with and fully support my wife in this business and through any and all obstacles she may face living her new life of sobriety, while I also work on mine. I ask that you please give me and my family privacy as we heal. Thank you.”

Williams spoke on the split in June and said,

“Look, my husband had a full baby with a woman he was involved with for 15 years — where I was cooped up only to be a show pony. Now, I’m living my life.”

Wendy Williams

She also had a moment where she seemed to slam mistresses a month before. She said on her show,

“There are a lot of women with no respect for a marriage, you know what I’m saying? A lot of women who know your man is married and will have the nerve to be right up under him right under your nose.”

“For you lonely women who can’t keep your hands off other people’s men, there’s a hot place in hell for you… A woman is only going to do that if the man lets her. Most of the time if a woman is doing something like that, she’s got nothing to lose. If she’s doing that to a married man with a family, he’s got everything to lose. So if you bite back man then you lose.”

See it at the 13:00 mark.


It’s safe to say she’s happy their divorce is finalized. She said back in August that she wanted a divorce ASAP, but that she wanted to remain friends with him.

“I want a divorce like yesterday. I wanted a divorce… whenever I found out, four months ago. I want to be friends with Kevin. Not because we have a son, but because that was real love. I still love him, just not in that way. You’re either in or you’re out with me. I still have love for him, and I wish him the best in his new life, with his new family…”

She also explained why they didn’t have a prenup.

“I didn’t think it would end… That’s not sexy to introduce paperwork when you’re in love with somebody. But as a grown person, I get with another grown person, and that grown person would also have a thriving career. I’d choose differently this time. Look I’m 55, I don’t want to be with someone who wants to be a rapper. You might see me on a date with a 32-year-old, please don’t mistake that for anything other than we’re on a date.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson