Eminem & Dr. Dre Attend 50 Cent’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony [VIDEO]

Eminem & Dr. Dre Attend 50 Cent’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony [VIDEO]

Get the strap! Rapper 50 Cent was front and center to receive his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Thursday (Jan. 30).

During the ceremony, 50 Cent brought a few familiar faces including a rare appearance from Eminem and Dr. Dre. 

“I don’t think my career would’ve been what it was without [Dr. Dre and Eminem’s] support. Dre is a mentor for the whole squad. He was a mentor for the whole squad because he could guide us in different ways without even him knowing it.”

50 Cent then goes on to slam his snub for Best New Artist in the 2004 Grammy awards,

“You got the largest debut hip hop album [but] you don’t got no Best New Artist trophy. The Best New Artist, they gave that sh*t to Evanescence. Can you find f*cking Evanescence? I ain’t seen Evanescence since that night. Since that night they gave them the trophy.”

Eminem took the podium to pay tribute to his friend who he discovered and signed to his record label Shady Records in 2002. The Detroit rapper says out of all of his controversial moments and highlights, meeting a young 50 was definitely something he still recalls to this day,

“Out of all the things that I don’t remember about 2002, I have a very clear memory of the first time I met Fifty.”

Eminem adds,

“I think one of the things I noticed when he first walked into the room was his presence, right, because it just kinda felt like he’s gonna be a star, like just the way he carried himself, swagger, everything. It just seemed like he was the whole package. What’s crazy about it to me is the charisma and the personality matched the intensity of his music and that first album is so classic.”


In true 50 Cent fashion, he celebrated his star ceremony by clowning around on social media. The “Power” executive says he wanted his star to be next to President Donald Trump,

“My [Star] is in front of the burger joint, I wanted it to be by Trumps so I could get coverage when his gets vandalized.”

Several celebrity friends took to his comments to congratulate him.

Also in attendance for 50 Cent’s ceremony were actress La La Anthony, comedian Michael Blackson, and actor Jackie Long.

The ceremony comes 10 days before the highly anticipated series finale of 50 Cent’s hit show “Power” and ahead of the Feb. 11 premiere of his new ABC drama “For Life.”

Check out 50 Cent’s Hall of Fame ceremony below:

Congratulations 50! 

Authored by: Gregory Molette