Singer Chanel Haynes Claims That She Was Fired From ‘Tina Turner Musical’ For Performing W/ ‘The Rolling Stones’ 

Singer Chanel Haynes Claims That She Was Fired From ‘Tina Turner Musical’ For Performing W/ ‘The Rolling Stones’


Entertainer Chanel Haynes was recently fired for jumping at a rare opportunity!

Grammy-nominated performer Chanel Haynes claims she was fired from the Tina Turner musical Tina on London’s West End, after being given the “once in a lifetime opportunity” to perform with The Rolling Stones.

During a recent interview, Chanel Haynes told sources that her employment with the musical was abruptly terminated, and she was removed from its final three shows, after accepting the last-minute invitation from the legendary band. Chanel joined The Rolling Stones to sing the classic “Gimme Shelter” at San Siro Stadium in Milan, Italy, on June 21– the same night the musical was running. It appears Chanel’s understudy stepped in due to her absence.

Reportedly, Chanel Haynes was filling in for regular backup singer, Sasha Allen, who was unable to perform at the show. The iconic band was familiar with Chanel’s work and asked her to perform “Gimme Shelter,” which has been a staple in The Rolling Stones’ setlist for decades. In her interview, Chanel Haynes explained:

“I can’t say exactly when I got the call because I don’t want to give timelines. But I’ll tell you that there was very little notice. Very little. Everybody was biting their nails. ‘How are we going to pull this off?’ But I tell you the machine the Stones have is like Buckingham Palace or the White House. They have the same level of personnel. Next thing I knew, I was on a plane to Milan.”

Chanel Haynes

Haynes said she and Mick Jagger only ran through the song once during rehearsal, and it was a hit. She explained,

“We’re just in each other’s face going ‘just a shot away!’ in a little room. He had this little smirk on his face the whole time. When we were done, makeup, catering, and everyone else there started clapping like, ‘This is going to work!'”

Chanel Haynes revealed that after the performance with The Rolling Stones, she received an email from Mark Rubinstein– the general manager of the Tina musical– telling her she’d been suspended from the production, and should “not attend the theatre or any place of work” until further notice. Chanel announced her departure from the show in a June 23 post along with the note from Rubinstein. The email read:

“Please note you must not attend the theatre or any place of work until the suspension has been lifted or investigation has been completed and you have been informed of any decision made. The theater will be informed that you are not permitted to enter.”

According to sources, Chanel Haynes declined to share specific details of the suspension but insists it’s directly related to her gig with The Rolling Stones on the same night Tina was scheduled in London. Chanel  said,

“I will say that if you’re on the West End, there’s no one person that can stop a show. It’s not designed that way. Ultimately, everything was fine. There was a show and a show happened, as did the [Stones] show in Milan. All the shows happened, and I was happy about that.”

Earlier this week, Chanel took to Instagram to issue a farewell to the cast and crew of the Tina musical. She wrote:

“To my Tina Family… I will love you always . I didn’t get the chance to say goodbye but do want you to know that I will always hold you near and dear to my heart.  Farewell, Chanel”

A representative for the Tina musical told sources they would not comment on the issue, per company policy.

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Authored by: Monique Nicole