Lil Durk Shows Off His New Ink Collection, Which Includes A ‘No Snitches Allowed’ Tattoo

Lil Durk Shows Off His New Ink Collection, Which Includes A ‘No Snitches Allowed’ Tattoo


Lil Durk recently added some new pieces of art to his body.

The 29-year-old musician from Chicago flashed his new tattoo work on Instagram. One of Lil Durk‘s tattoos read “No Snitches Allowed” with a crossed-out rat symbol.


As previously reported, Lil Durk‘s father Dontay Banks, was sentenced to life after he refused to cooperate with the authorities regarding the Gangsta Disciple cofounder Larry Hoover in 1994. In a recent Dontay Banks interview, he gave a description of the events when he got arrested. He stated

“I went in my pocket and pulled out the card to my lawyer, slid it on the table and said, ‘Call my lawyer.’ And from then on, here I am, 26 years later, a free man. Without telling, without compromising, without being something I’m not. “

He went on to say

“Rats, stool pigeons, people who tell things to get out…We don’t live this type of life. I’m a Muslim first and foremost. No doubt about it. But, even in Islam, we don’t believe in telling. We don’t believe in rats. We don’t believe in stool pigeons.”

Lil Durk also showed off his new leg pieces that are tributes to his close friend/fellow rapper, the late King Von. The tattoo also features a dedication to his brother  OTF Dthang, who was an upcoming artist out of Chicago that passed away last year. The tattoos read “RIP King Von” and “RIP Dthang“.


In addition to that, Lil Durk got some ink that covers his entire back. The tattoo reportedly took 8 hours to complete.


On the back of his leg, it appears he has a “FAMILY” tattoo as well. The tattoo states

“For All Mine Ill Lay Yours “


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Authored by: Shara Davis