Meghan Trainor & Nicki Minaj Are All About Girl Power in ‘Nice to Meet Ya’ Video [WATCH]

Meghan Trainor & Nicki Minaj Are All About Girl Power in ‘Nice to Meet Ya’ Video

Meghan Trainor and Nicki Minaj take charge in the workplace for their ultra-bright video Nice to Meet Ya. Under the direction of Matthew Cullen, the video released on Friday (Jan. 31st), starts with Trainor and a group of girls channeling Meghan Trainor’s favorite 1980’s movies, Working Girl to put some energy back in the office.

While the girls take over the workplace, the men of the office seemingly enjoy the view from their desks.

As previously reported, the “Treat Myself” singer revealed her tracklist for her Jan. 31st release that boasts 15 songs, including a fear from the Pussy Cat Dolls. Trainor told PEOPLE, 

“This is just my childhood dream of an album. It was too good to be true.”

As she readied her 3rd studio album for the Friday release, Meghan Trainor summed up her collaboration with Nicki for “Nice to Meet Ya” with one word, “legendary.”

Trainor adds more on how the girl duo began their collaboration.

“My manager started managing her so that was my in. They told me she doesn’t do a feature, she has to really like the song. So I was so excited. Dude, in high school I used to party to her songs all the time and learned every single word. So this was like a huge deal for me. She actually is one of my favorite songwriters.”

Trainor says that the track was a true partnership, and Minaj didn’t just spit a verse for the sassy song,

“She came back and was like, ‘Hey, I don’t really like this line. Is there any other way we could change it?’ I changed it immediately then she was like, ‘This is awesome.’” 

Trainor’s tracklist for ‘Treat Myself,’ also features a coded emoji for the second song. Presumably, the emoji will be replaced by her now announced “Nice To Meet Ya” collaboration with Nicki which drops on the same day.

Check out the video below:

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Authored by: Gregory Molette