R&B Group 112 Replaces Q. Parker & Daron Jones With Dancers, Slim Comments: “No Man Is Bigger Than The Brand!”

R&B Group 112 Replaces Q. Parker And Daron Jones With New Members, Slim Comments: “No Man Is Bigger Than The Brand!”

Popular Bad Boy Records R&B group, 112, is taking a page out of The Temptations‘ book – and it doesn’t involve choreography or wardrobe. As we previously reported in 2018, 112’s frontman, Slim, blamed his groupmates – Q. Parker and Daron Jones – for disbanding of the Atlanta-bred boy band.

Even after reuniting for the Bad Boy 20th Anniversary Tour, 112 admitted to battling in court over ownership of the 112 name.

But as proven in the music business time and time again, the remaining members of 112 feel that their show must go on. Slim and Mike posted a photo debuting Q and Daron’s replacements – two new, young dancers instead of singers. Fans flooded the comments in shock, to which Slim responded:

“@officialslim_ Come on folks… those two dudes (Q and Daron) quit the group 2 years ago… look through our pics it’s no secret! We’re gonna continue to represent 112 until the wheels fall off…which is NEVER! 112 WORLDTOUR COMING 2020. @sentellstevens I don’t take the word “brothers” lightly… NEVER seen family or brothers use LAWYERS to communicate.. I’m cool on them. I’ll definitely let ya’ll know more about that in time. God bless them and their endeavors! No man bigger than the BRAND. Whatever will happen is in GOD’S HANDS! GOD BLESS YOU ALL: 112FOREVER!!”

Another fan likened the dramatic fall-out to legendary group New Edition. Slim replied:

“@officialslim_ If ya’ll only knew the truth… in time you will You hit it spot on with how 112 works. But what happens when they don’t wanna be apart of that anymore? Can’t control that. It’s more deeper than New Edition so I can honestly say the red line has already been crossed… Once you get to a point where you need lawyers to speak for you it’s too late… no different than a relationship. A successful group relies on TRUST. God bless their endeavors. Over here it’s #112FOREVER”

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Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay