Ice Cube Says BIG 3 Deserves Credit For NBA’s New All-Star Rules: Where Should I Send My Invoice!

Ice Cube

Ice Cube Says BIG 3 Deserves Credit For NBA’s New All-Star Rules

The NBA All-Star game was given a face lift for this year’s celebration of the most talented players.

Kobe Bryant

As Team LeBron took on Team Giannis, the NBA took on efforts to also pay tribute to the game’s most awarded All-Stars, Kobe Bryant in the immediate wake of his untimely demise in January.

Prior to Sunday’s (Feb. 16th) game, the NBA sent out a tweet about the new All-Star Game rules. Following the league’s announcement, Ice Cube caught wind of the post and replied in a way that alludes to the NBA stealing his innovative ideas.

Cube later added,

“The forward thinking of? The Big 3 is taking our credit for helping the NBA make the 4thQ of yesterday’s ASG one to remember. Many will try to pull the Elam Rule out their asses, but we proved in 2017 that no game clock is the future”

The format for their All-Star Game highlights it’s first quarter of play into a mini-game for charity. The final quarter was un-timed with a target score that decided which team wins. The scores were reset to zero at the start of the second and third quarters, then reinstated at the beginning of the fourth quarter.

The team that won the All-Star Game was the team that reaches a target score, which consisted of their combined score during the first three quarters, plus 24 points, as a tribute for Bryant.

Check out the All-Star game highlights below.

Cube’s Big3 plays all of matches without a timer. Whoever reaches 50 points first, wins. In light of this, Cube took to Twitter explaining why he believes The Big3 should be credited for the success of the all-star game.

According to reports, the NBA’s commissioner Adam Silver has been trying to figure out ways to bring the eyeballs back to the networks carrying the game. He says that the event needed a change to continue to keep it’s young fan interested:

“It’s well-known that on one hand we’re celebrated by some because we have such a young fan base, but that young fan base is disconnecting… in record numbers. But we haven’t found a way to connect those young fans to our broadcast through whatever platform they’re going to be delivered.”

Cube ended by saying he would have appreciated mention of his league for using the no game clock.

Check out highlights from the BIG3 below:

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Authored by: Gregory Molette