Nicki Minaj – Man Convicted For 2015 Fatal Stabbing Of Her Former Stage Manager

Nicki Minaj, De’Von Andre Pickett

Nicki Minaj — Man Convicted For 2015 Fatal Stabbing Of Rapper’s Former Stage Manager

The murder of a man in Nicki Minaj’entourage has been solved.

A Philadelphia jury found Khaliyfa Neely guilty of killing De’Von Andre Pickett. Khaliyfa Neely is scheduled for sentencing on April 24, according to The New York Times. Pickett’s friend, Eric Reese, now 31, was stabbed four times.

Neely, 38, was convicted for third-degree murder for fatally stabbing the victim in February 2015. He was also convicted for aggravated and simple assault, as well as possession of an instrument of crime.

The ruling came down on Friday (Feb. 28).

Just before the homicide, De’Von Andre Pickett was slated to serve as Nicki Minaj’s stage manager. Unfortunately, he was stabbed in Germantown and died shortly after. He was 29-years-old.

A 36-year-old man Pierce Boykin was also charged with the killing at first, however, the charge was dropped and he was charged with aggravated assault after evidence was said to have shown that Khaliyfa Neely took the victim’s life.

Pierce Boykin

Assistant District Attorney Adam Geer spoke on De’Von Andre Pickett and said he

“was a special presence and a special person to his group of friends. He was always joking and making sure everyone was having a good time. We just hope this helps his family begin to heal.”

He added,

“I’m really appreciative that the jury took the time and approached a really difficult case with an open mind, and looked at all the facts and agreed that the defendant was responsible.”

Boykin, who pleaded guilty to aggravated assault in 2016, was sentenced to 23 months. He was supposed to take the stand against Neely but was reportedly MIA.

The stabbing took place after Reese allegedly “hurled rude comments” at Boykin and Neely, which led to Pickett and Reese fighting Neely and Boykin.

Nicki Minaj has not spoken out publicly about the conviction. She previously reacted to the stabbing on Twitter shorty after the incident.

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My heart is heavy right now… God opened my eyes this morning at 9:49am. For some reason at that time I woke up thinking about both of these guys. They both work with me, but I couldn't figure out why they were in my mind at 1st wake up. Wasn't sure if I had a dream & they were in it or just some wake up & process things type shit.. But at 10:04 my brother hit me & told me that they both were fatally stabbed in Philly last night. My friend @daydaydoesdis (left) died & my friend Eric Parker is in critical condition in the hospital fighting for his life. I am still in shock & don't want to believe this. And it hurts even more knowing how good these two dudes are. How hard these guys work. And how loyal they are to whoever they are down with & each other. Please send Eric Parker your blessings & a prayer for him to pull thru. And RIP to the fallen soldier Day Day. I can't even believe I'm saying that with your name attached to it. & I HATE this being a post!! I will miss your energy, your vibe, & you but I'll hold on to your spirit!! ? #RIPDayDay #PrayForEricParker

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Prayers for everyone impacted by the tragedy!

Authored by: Char Patterson