Evelyn Lozada Says Keep Her Out Drama Between Ex-Fiancé Carl Crawford & Megan Thee Stallion

Evelyn Lozada Says Keep Her Out Drama Between Ex-Fiancé Carl Crawford & Megan Thee Stallion

Reality star Evelyn Lozada said she isn’t taking sides in the very public feud between her ex-fiancé Carl Crawford who’s the father to her six-year-old son, and his artist Megan Thee Stallion. The “Basketball Wives” star was asked about her ex allegedly holding Megan Thee Stallion’s music from being released due to ongoing contract issues. Evelyn Lozada responded to a comment about Carl Crawford Tuesday (March 3) and wrote,

“Did u asked any of his other BM’s this?”

To add, she used the hashtag,


Evelyn Lozada and Carl Crawford announced their engagement on Christmas Eve in 2013 but broke it off roughly three years later. According to reports, their split was due to Crawford’s alleged cheating.

As far as Megan Thee Stallion, the “Fever” rapper filed a lawsuit Monday (March 2) and was awarded a temporary restraining order.

In a recent Instagram Live clip, Megan called out Crawford’s 1501 label, alleging that it’s responsible for keeping her music restricted following an attempt to renegotiate their contract.

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Soon after, Crawford spoke to Billboard. The 1501 founder on his thought after watching Megan’s IG Live,

“My initial reaction was, “Man, I can’t believe this is serious.” She just has so many holes in her story, and it’s almost on some delusional type stuff. The bubble of Hollywood and her eight million followers has really clouded her head, because the stuff that she’s saying is not true. It’s a whole lie. Nothing is true that she said. Me being greedy and taking money from her, that’s crazy. I never tried to take nothing from her. The only thing we ever did was give, give, give. Now, she fell for the oldest trick in the industry: the conquer and divide theme.”

Carl Crawford, Megan Thee Stallion, Slim Thug

Crawford continues, adding his thoughts on Megan teaming up with Jay-z and his Roc Nation label,

“Everybody in the industry knows this is what Jay-Z and Roc Nation do: They come in, they find the smallest things wrong with the problem — because there weren’t any problems before she left.”

Megan Thee Stallion, Jay-Z

Crawford insists that Megan’s story about him refusing to negotiate her contract was false.

“She says that I didn’t want to negotiate? Ok, tell everybody your definition of negotiating. Your definition is, “OK. I’m going to send Suge Knight’s old lawyers to come in, and it’s a stick-up…’” Of course, I’m like, “This isn’t a negotiation. This is a robbery.”

As previously reported, Megan is reportedly suing Carl Crawford and his label for at least $1 million in damages. After her short victory in court this week, Megan tweeted her excitement with dropping some new music later in the week.

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Authored by: Gregory Molette