Trick Daddy Threatens To Slap The Sh*t Outta Somebody, After Stevie J Criticizes Love & Hip Hop Miami’s Lacefronts [VIDEO]

Trick Daddy, Stevie J

Trick Daddy Lashes Out After Stevie J Comes For ‘Love & Hip Hop: Miami’ Lacefronts + Stevie J Responds: My Job Here Is Done [WATCH]

Trick Daddy and Stevie J appear to have different views on how the ladies of VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop Miami” rock their units.

Stevie J first shared his thoughts on Twitter Tuesday (March 3).

It didn’t take long for “LHHM” star and rapper Trick Daddy to seemingly weigh in via a brief Instagram rant.

“[Anytime] a n***a get on a post on social media and comment about somebody from Miami, Imma check ’em. Then you n***as get on social media and comment about girls from Miami on ‘Love & Hip Hop Miami’? Now it’s getting personal. That mean you’re a girl dog. The next girl dog say something, Imma slap the s*** out you like you a b****. You hear me boy?”

He added the caption,

“All girl dogs get slapped down like the B**** they is”

The self-proclaimed good guy Stevie J then doubled down on his initial comments.

“I said what I said earlier in hopes to get the attention of the executives who’s handling our hair and makeup for our beautiful Latina, Black women, and men for that matter. Listen, my job here is done. I’m sure y’all will be looking awesome, you know what I’m saying, from this point moving forward — at the reunion and all that…”

He continued,

“Live a healthy lifestyle. Peace and blessings, y’all.”

Are you with Stevie J or Trick Daddy on this one? Tell us in the comments.


Authored by: Char Patterson