Cyn Santana Shares How She Beat Postpartum Depression: Try Avoid Being Alone [VIDEO]

Cyn Santana Shares How She Beat Postpartum Depression: “It Gets Better!”

“Love and Hip Hop: New York” star Cyn Santana, 27, welcomed a baby boy named Lexington with ex-fiance, Joe Budden, in 2017. Like most moms, Cyn credits her one-and-only child as the light of her life. But, she wasn’t prepared for the difficult battles that came with motherhood. Last year on LHHNY, Cyn revealed to Joe that she had been experiencing postpartum depression – a mental and emotional health struggle onset by the hormonal changes of giving birth.

Well, Cyn has received tons of social media comments and messages from fans thanking her for her transparency on the mental health struggle. She shared this in an Instagram caption:

“@cynsantana “…you gonn get through it.” Postpartum depression. There’s so many layers to it. The hormonal changes, the mental changes, the physical changes but I wanna start with the spirit first. I’m not a doctor or expert, seeking professional help is always a great option!! I was able to get through my postpartum depression (which lasted almost two years.) through prayer, self care and practicing patience with myself. It gets better. I promise!!! Sending love and light to my mommies”

The following are Cyn Santana’s suggestions for overcoming postpartum depression:

– Proactive Research

“Read up on postpartum depression as much as you can. Educate yourself. You wanna know what the signs are. You wanna understand it as much as you can.”

– Identify Your Support System

“You want to try to avoid being alone. Like, that’s what really just drowns you in that postpartum depression…you wanna surround yourself with people, and with good energy as much as you can.”

– Self-Care

“Another thing that I did? Self-care, me-time. That’s important. You wanna accept whatever help is being offered with the baby or babies, and take an hour for yourself and do whatever the f*ck make you feels good.”

– Seek Professional Help

“Of course, you should probably go to the doctor, and speak to somebody about how you feel. Some women take medicine. Some women take vitamins. I, personally, didn’t take medicine. I’m not really into taking drugs.”

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Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay