Ne-Yo Talks Split From Wife Crystal Smith: Neither Of Us Was Who We Needed To Be 

NeYo, Crystal Renay

Ne-Yo Talks About His Split From Wife Crystal Smith: Neither Of Us Was Who We Needed To Be

Singer Ne-Yo is using what he knows and loves to cope with the shock of his recent divorce filing from his wife, Crystal Smith – music. On Joe Budden‘s Pull Up Podcast, he details what led to the demise of his relationship, and how he’s used his music to cope with heartbreak.

Ne-Yo hints at walking away from his marriage in order to “keep his sanity:”

“If it gets to a point where a relationship is making it difficult to maintain [my sanity], then…I have to do this for the kids. ‘Cause if I go down, everybody goes down. So I have to walk away for the sake of the kids…for me, there’s no choice. I must maintain so that my kids will be okay.”

He says he and Crystal Smith both contributed to the demise of the relationship:

“Neither one of us was exactly who we needed to be in order for this to last, and that’s why it didn’t. Bottom line…I own mine. She owns her’s. And the crazy thing is there’s no beef, there’s no animosity, there’s no love lost…I can’t speak on her. I can’t speak on her decisions…we both understand that we have kids, and we have to raise these kids. And in order to do that, we cannot allow ourselves to get to a place where we hate each other.”

NeYo, Crystal Smith

On subbing his exes in his music:

“Never have I ever written a song bashing anybody, or in a way, shape, form, or fashion that’ll make somebody say, ‘Oh, why he say that about that person?’ I’ve never written that song. Even in my current music, I’m not bashing anyone. I ain’t said no names. You may know who I’m talking about- you may have an idea what inspired the record, but I’m not clownin’ or dissin’ anybody.”

Ne-Yo continues:

“‘So Sick’ was about the first girl that I ever really and truly fell in love with, and how I let the opinions of my friends kind of just mess that whole thing up for me.”

He says that missing important moments with his children led to his hiatus from the limelight:

“I, unfortunately, had to see a lot of things via the phone – like first steps, first words, all of that stuff. I’m sitting in a hotel room in Amsterdam crying my eyes out because Maddie just said, ‘Daddy,’ for the first time and I’m not there. I didn’t wanna do that again. I didn’t wanna go through that again with my two youngest children.”

Ne-Yo reveals what he does to cope with relationship issues:

“That’s where songwriting comes in. Songwriting is my therapy- songwriting and video games! The worst time to play me in any video game is when I’m sad or distraught, because I’m going to take all my aggravations, frustrations, and emotions out on you.”

Watch Ne-Yo’s entire Pull Up interview with Joe Budden below.

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Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay