Boosie Says Instagram Threatened To Take His Account Away For Posting Naked Women

Boosie Says Instagram Threatened To Take His Account Away For Posting Nudity

The craze that is rapper Boosie‘s Instagram page may come to an end if he doesn’t shape up soon. As we previously reported, the previously incarcerated Louisiana native proposed a segment for his Instagram Live sessions called, QTD – meaning “Quarantine T*tty Day.” That has, now, been transformed into QTP – “Quarantine That P*ssy.” He even offered participants a whopping $25 to show off their bodies for the ‘Gram.

Well, Instagram caught wind of his shenanigans and threatened to remove his account completely. Boosie recently told fans:

“The reason I ain’t QTP’ed yet is ’cause Instagram told me they gon’ take my Instagram if they see anymore nudity. So I just DM’ed-hit ’em back, and emailed and asked him can y’all just dance and shake that a**. So I’m waiting on that response, so that’s what we waiting on for QTP.”

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He continued, beckoning Atlanta nail techs for their services despite Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms‘ stay at home order:

“Another thing- sh*t done got real. My little girl and them’s feet f*cked up, so if you do nails or feet, I need you to DM me now with your number so you can come to the house and do all my little girls’ feet, and get ’em pampered up. Man, they need it, bro. We been in the house. We need somebody to come over here. You welcome over here.”

Will Boosie’s Instagram last amid coronavirus boredom? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay