Jeezy’s Sister Is A Nurse: She’s Tired & Trying Her Best, I Can See It In Her Eyes

Jeezy’s Sister Is A Nurse: She’s Tired & Trying Her Best, I Can See It In Her Eyes

Jeezy (real name Jay Wayne Jenkins) is saluting his sister who is nurse and everyone else helping the fight against coronavirus. The 42-year-old rapper posted a video on Instagram sharing love to everyone on the ‘front lines’ who are helping. He says,

Message I want to take this time to shout out the people like my sister who’s a nurse. I see it in her eyes when I talk to her on the phone. She’s tired and she’s trying her best. She’s on the front lines, so we salute you. Anybody that’s like you lets take this time to salute all the doctors and nurses the personnel that’s out there fighting hard for us everyday that’s fighting this war with an invisible enemy. Let’s salute the grocery store workers, the UPS drivers, the mailman and anybody that’s out there still working that keep things going for us. Salute them because we are at war an invisible enemy and I know we intend to win that.

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He then takes a shot at President Trump saying:

With that being said Donald Trump this is a message from the people. This is not about you this is not about your ego and we would appreciate transparent information. At the same time, you know you guys been giving us bits and pieces here and there. Now, is the time to be transparent and be straight up with us. If our numbers are higher than China where it started at obviously that’s a problem. So we’re going to make American greater than its ever been with or without you, trust me.

He also encourages everyone to stay home.

So I salute anybody that’s keeping us together and everything and do your part staying inside and staying out the way if you don’t got to be out because it’s not about the virus It’s about the hospital beds and ventilators. There’s not enough to go around and they’re trying to keep the numbers down so we got to do our part. I’m not going to act like I’m a genius or a professional at this but at the same time I just care about my people and what’s going on with ya’ll man so let’s stay prayed up. Lets do as much as we can to do our part man. We can bring this thing back around. At the end of the day, we have to win the war lets start on the battle and the battle is getting our economy back. So the message today is faith over fear, faith over fear. God first, we’re going to stay prayed up, faith over fear.

See the clip.

Written by: Lanè Johnson

Authored by: Gregory Molette