Tory Lanez & Reality Star Shekinah Have Heated Exchange Over Her Gucci Comments: I Said What I Said!

Tory Lanez, Shekinah

Tory Lanez & Reality Star Shekinah Have Heated Exchange Over Her Gucci Comments: I Said What I Said!

Tory Lanez isn’t a fan of what Shekinah had to say about looters in Atlanta. The “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star tearfully pleaded for violent protesters in the city to stop tearing up businesses. The protests come days after video surfaced a white police officer, Derek Chauvin, pinning his knee into a black man, George Floyd’s, neck, leading to his death.

It didn’t take long for Tory Lanez to chime in and disagree with Shekinah’s statements about the protests. He wrote a cryptic message that reads,


He went on to call out his celebrity friends for taking issue with the intense level protests have reached.

He and Shekinah then hopped on Instagram live together, leading to a heated conversation.

Shekinah tried to clear up her comments and said,

“We’re not supposed to be seen as wild animals tearing up these people stores! I’m upset!… I respect people standing up…I don’t appreciate you taking sh*t on Instagram [about] ‘the girl crying over Gucci.’ I wasn’t crying over Gucci!”

Tory Lanez then told her he wanted to have a conversation and called her out for yelling.

“If you could bring it down to a level like 3. Let’s not like act like that.”

He asked her if she’s marched with the people or been present when looting is happening and she said no. She added,

“I don’t appreciate that white man killing us. But I don’t think we’re gonna get anywhere stealing these people’s sh*t. F*** Gucci! Let’s make that understood! I don’t even wear that sh*t anyway!”

Tory Lanez rebutted and said,

“All I’m telling you is when I got online and saw you crying over the Gucci store.”

Shekinah suggested her words were edited and said,

“They have edits out here. They have edits in the world!”

While he questioned her comments that Atlanta police have done nothing wrong, she reverted back to saying that she doesn’t think any more hatred is needed.

The two then started yelling their disagreements at one another and Shekinah made it clear she’s not here for “white officers killing black people.”

Still, she added,

“I said what I said and I wasn’t worried about no Gucci!”

Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez then said his point was that it doesn’t matter how wealthy they are, their children could be subject to racism one day. But he started to end the conversation as he said,

“Quite frankly you’re screaming a little too loud for me.”

Shekinah’s response was:

“I scream! I’m black!”

She then took to her own Instagram live to respond to their live. She appeared to be watching Tory Lanez explain as he said,

“I really do not know her.”

She yelled,

“And I don’t know yo b*tch a** n*gga! He don lost his mind! Y’all some groupies! I don’t give a f*ck about none of this sh*t. Boy f*ck you! Stop beating on women! You a whole black men beating on b*tches!”

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Authored by: Char Patterson