Ex RHOA Star Peter Thomas Urges Public To Stay Safe, But Says “They Want You To Be Paranoid” 

Peter Thomas

Ex RHOA Star Peter Thomas Urges Public To Stay Safe, But Says “They Want You To Be Paranoid”

Ex Real Housewives of Atlanta star and restaurateur Peter Thomas shared his thoughts on the coronavirus and warned the public that “they”— which may be in reference to the media, “want you to be paranoid” about the pandemic.

Peter Thomas said in a recent video shared to his over 600k followers that he had just come back from a three mile walk and saw some recent news about the COVID-19 pandemic. He then asks if anyone knows the population of Mecklenburg County in North Carolina, where he currently resides. Then Thomas goes on to say that,

“A lot of people have smartphones but they’re too stupid to use them so let me tell you.”

He goes on to list some statistics saying that around 843 people in the Mecklenburg county area contracted the virus and 10 people, mostly elderly people, succumbed to the virus. Thomas then urges the public to

“Go out and take a walk, enjoy the sun, put your masks on if you’re paranoid cause that’s exactly what they want you to be, paranoid.”

The “they” that he’s referring to may be the mass media’s reporting of the coronavirus pandemic which has claimed about 20,000 lives in the United States alone and over 108,000 lives globally according to Wikipedia. He concludes the video by letting everyone know that he is not encouraging them to be around a bunch of people, and instead says,

“We gotta curve it [coronavirus] in order for us to return to normalcy” He also attempts to calculate the impact the pandemic has had in Mecklenburg County by saying, “Now let’s do the math, 1.2 million people in Mecklenburg County, not even a thousand people have the virus and that’s less than one tenth of one percent, less than one percent and 10 people dying from it, wow that’s like 0.000010.” Thomas finishes the video by urging everyone to “stay safe out there.”

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Written by: Chelsea Adjalla

Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta