50 Cent Reacts To ‘Stupid’ Ja Rule’s Challenge To IG Live Battle, Ja Rule Responds: I Don’t Back Down

50 Cent, Ja Rule

50 Cent Reacts To ‘Stupid’ Ja Rule’s Challenge To IG Live Battle, Ja Rule Responds: I Don’t Back Down

Update #2 (Tuesday, April 14th): 50 Cent has caught wind of Ja Rule wanting to battle him with their biggest hits on Instagram Live.

50 Cent responded via Instagram by first trolling Ja Rule over the disgraced Fyre Festival, which Ja Rule was previously sued over, when he used the festival as a hashtag in his post.

He then seemed to laugh off the challenge with a throwback video.

Ja Rule was still ready to battle.

Will Ja Rule and 50 Cent battle out their feud for the whole world to see?

Ja Rule challenged his long-time arch nemesis 50 Cent to battle him in the epic Verzuz Instagram Live match, where artists, songwriters, and producers play their top 20 songs in an hours-long back-and-forth.

Fat Joe was on IG Live with Swizz Beatz, who created the feature with Timbaland, and brought Ja Rule on the phone. It was suggested that Ja Rule was challenging 50 Cent. He said,

“I want all the smoke, but I’ll behave! I promise I’ll behave!”

Ja Rule

Swizz Beatz wasn’t convinced and said,

“That sounds like a devilish behave.”

Still, Ja Rule was all for it and agreed with Fat Joe that the battle would “break the internet.”

“Yes it will! It’s gon be broke for real. They might not be able to put it back up for a week or two! We can do that for the culture.”

Swizz Beats seemed concerned and said,

“We know the catalogue. We just wanna make sure the intentions are where they need to be.”

Considering Ja Rule’s beef with 50 Cent, which started all. the way back in 1999, it’s safe to say Swizz Beatz has a right to be concerned.

According to reports, Ja Rule was robbed at gunpoint in Southside Jamaica, Queens that year, and 50 Cent claims Ja Rule said he saw 50 Cent with the alleged perp shortly after.

While Ja Rule interestingly said he never saw 50 Cent with the robber, he said he’s convened 50 Cent was upset because he wasn’t included in Ja Rule’s “Murda 4 Life.”

50 Cent

After much back and forth, 50 Cent allegedly threw even more shots when he released the “Wanksta” diss track. which was said to be about Ja Rule.

Ja Rule’s friend Irv Gotti stepped in and accused 50 Cent of getting an order of protection against both him and Ja Rule after 50 Cent was stabbed during a fight with Ja Rule and his team.

And they’re still going at it years later. More recently, their feud has headed to social media as 50 Cent trolled Ja Rule and Irv Gotti for not being allowed inside of a New York City club. 


Around that time, Ja Rule also called 50 Cent a “pathological liar” after 50 Cent claimed. he purchased 200 tickets to Ja Rule’s show so the venue would be empty.

Who do you think would in the battle? 50 Cent or Ja Rule? Comment & let us know!

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