Love & Hip Hop’s Rasheeda & Kirk Frost Fire Back At Speculation That He Married Her When She Was 17 [VIDEO]

Rasheeda, Kirk Frost

While “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” veteran Rasheeda, 37, celebrated her 20th marriage anniversary to husband, Kirk Frost, 51 in December 2019, many fans have questions about their age gap, suggesting Kirk Frost allegedly married Rasheeda while she was underage.

Last November, a fan alleged that Rasheeda met Kirk Frost when she was just 15-years-old while he was 2 years shy of 30.

Most recently, another fan questioned why Kirk Frost hasn’t been compared to disgraced R. Kelly, who is currently in jail for child pornography charges and has been accused of taking advantage of and sexually assaulting underage girls for decades.

“Kirk adopted Rasheeda when shorty was 15…started having relations with her as a legal parent…married her at 17 while he was 30. They been together for 20 years. He has 7 kids, 2 are hers. Why nobody compare him to R. Kelly?”

Rasheeda wasn’t too pleased with the allegations and shot back.

Still, fans then took issue with Rasheeda saying she “wasn’t thinkin’ bout getting married” when she was 17 that sparked even more criticism from fans as she’s listed as 37 and she and Kirk just celebrated their 20th anniversary. Twitter users did the math and questioned Rasheeda’s tweet, including some wondering if she’s lying about her age.


Kirk has also joined the conversation with a video of him and Rasheeda and a response to a fan. He said in the clip,

“For all the people whose minding my business…”

Rasheeda added,

“These mathematicians and rocket scientists out here…”

Kirk continued,

“I ain’t adopt Rasheeda. I don’t even answer stupid sh*t but since y’all on stupid sh*t, I’m not interested in adopting Rasheeda, I would definitely not be into marrying nobody at 17, and I’m 31?”

Rasheeda confirmed,

“I d*mn sure wasn’t thinking about getting married at 17.”

They then suggested her age online might not be true.

See his other response below.

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Authored by: CaLeigh