Takeoff – Police Investigating An Alleged Basketball Argument That Resulted In His Fatal Shooting


Takeoff – Police Investigating An Alleged Basketball Argument That Resulted In His Fatal Shooting

The hip-hop community is mourning the tragic loss of Takeoff while authorities are piecing together the argument that escalated to gun fire. 

As the world may know, one-third of the Migos group, Takeoff, was fatally shot at a bowling alley in Houston, Texas on Tuesday morning (Nov. 1). The Harris County Medical Examiner listed the 28-year-old’s primary cause of death as:

 “Penetrating gunshot wounds of head and torso into arm.”


Cops are investigating the alleged argument that resulted in gunfire in the fatal shooting of Takeoff,  born Kirshnik Khari Ball. According to reports, law enforcement has informed the public about a heated argument between Migos member Quavo and others amid losing a dice game at 810 Billiards & Bowling Houston. Sources stated that the men took the argument outside and eventually went back and forth over who could beat who at basketball. A viral video surfaced in which you can hear Quavo, Takeoff’s uncle, seemingly frustrated talking about basketball implying he’d win if push came to shove. In the footage you can hear Quavo say:

“Man I don’t care about no basketball bruh. They play basketball y’all saw me play basketball. Y’all n*gg*s – in the gym bruh. Don’t play like that bruh.”

Walking away from the argument, Quavo added:

“Aye let’s go bruh. I ain’t finna do this sh*t – I’m finna hurt somebody bruh.”


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Shortly after the video shows everyone running when at least ten shots were fired. Multiple weapons were fired striking three people, one of them being Takeoff. No arrests have been made, however, police are looking for their person of interest who was caught on video holding and then raising his gun.

Offset, Quavo, Takeoff circa 2016

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill