O.J. Simpson Joins TikTok & He’s In The House Bored! [VIDEO]

O.J. Simpson Is Now On Popular TikTok App, Watch His First Video

O.J. Simpson has been pretty active on social media lately. And just like most people in quarantine, he’s “bored in the house and he’s in the house bored.”

While we’re used to seeing him relaxing, living a simple life and playing golf on Twitter, it looks like the infamous football star has even more time on his hands. On Friday (April 17th), O.J Simpson joined the popular app TikTok. Within just a few hours, his video, of none other than his own rendition of Tyga’s “Bored in the House” song, received 156.4K views and his page gained 7,503 followers.


The TikTok video shows the 72-year-old trying to keep himself occupied while stuck at home quarantined. Throughout the video, he is seen flipping through the TV trying to find something to watch, practicing his golf swing in the living room, doing a light workout on the couch, cleaning/organizing, before going outside to golf in his backyard. The now-viral video ends with him back on the couch with a bottle of Jack Daniels in his hand. O.J. Simpson shared his TikTok video on Twitter captioning the tweet,

This is what it has come to.”

It was just last month that the controversial figure took to Twitter to express his concerns about golf courses closing due to COVID-19 concerns.  In the Video, O.J stated,

“I think that for some of the older guys that golf is their only exercise, I think it’s gonna hurt them. I’m just saying, and if you do close them you better open up some insane asylums. Get me a bed! ‘Cause I know if I can’t play golf for the next month, I’mma go crazy! I’m just saying! Take care.”

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Authored by: Monique Nicole