Tina Lawson Clarifies Phrase About Beyonce Cooking On Social Media: I Said Angie Beyince!

Beyonce, Tina Lawson

Tina Lawson Clarifies Phrase About Beyonce Cooking On Social Media: I Said Angie Beyince!

Tina Lawson, who is the mother to singers Beyonce and Solange, as well as an honorary mom to singer Kelly Rowland, is clarifying a statement that got edited out during an IG live interview. Tina Lawson says that as she was discussing cooking with @museummammy, many of the viewers thought that she was commenting on Beyonce’s cooking. The quote that was misheard was,

“Kelly can cook, Solange can cook, (silence), Angie can cook, Beyonce has been cooking a lot on Instagram. She needs to start a channel.”

Now Tina Lawson is clarifying that she did not say that she wasn’t referring to her daughter, but instead her niece Angie Beyince’s full name. In the caption of the Instagram post, Tina Lawson says,

“I had a live with @museummammy On Wednesday and I said Angie Beyince Has been cooking every day and she should have a cooking show well you know they edited out the Angie and just put Beyonce is cooking every day and should have a cooking show that’s very Funny????? Guys Beyince’ And Beyonce are pronounce the exact same way. It is five Beyoncé children that my daddy had. Only the first three had the same spelling Beyince’ me and my youngest brother had Beyonce’ on our birth certificates . So however they spelled it on our birth certificate is how we spelled it also. But it is all pronounced the same please do not try to correct me on Pronunciation on my own last name???”

Tina explained that even though Angie’s last name is spelled Beyince, it is still pronounced the same as Beyonce. It looks like Beyonce will not have a cooking channel soon but her cousin Angie Beyince has been recommended by her aunt Tina to do so.


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Authored by: Chelsea Adjalla