Rapper Chingy Unveils Crossover Collab In ‘The Woah Down’ Music Video w/ Country Duo Meg & Tyler [WATCH]

St. Louis Rapper Chingy Unveils Crossover Collab In ‘The Woah Down’ Music Video w/ Country Duo Meg & Tyler [WATCH]

Rapper Chingy is back with new music and the 40-year-old, “Right Thurr” rapper is taking on a new wave. He teamed up with country music duo Meg and Tyler for their new catchy tune, “The Woah Down.” The trio released their new video on Friday (April 24th), sharing a down-home Nashville vibe with a new dance routine fit for everyone’s stay-at-home entertainment.

The St. Louis rapper recently spent time in Nashville over the last year after his cousin reportedly began working on a music project in the area alongside The Voice alum Meghan Linsey and her collaborator fiancé Tyler Cain.

“The Woah Down,” mashes up a mix of country, pop, and hip-hop for an Old Time Road,” vibe which broke charting records, topped with a Grammy award. In a recent interview, Chingy spoke on how “The Woah Down,” is compared to the 2019 smash record,

“If there’s any comparisons, people have their right to their opinions, and that’s how they feel, whether it’s balanced or imbalanced. If it reminds them of something, then it reminds them of something. When it comes to me and comparisons and competition, I always think competition divides. I don’t feel like I’m in competition.” 

He also shared how their collaboration came about,

“It started with an idea in my head. We were in Nashville and so I knew I was going to record with Meg [Linsey], and [Cain] later on that day and when I got there, I just got on the beat machine and started putting down the beat.”

Chingy adds,

“I told Tyler to lay some guitar down on it, and he laid some guitar down on it. And Meg, she had a title ‘Woah Down’ and wanted to make a hook. So me and Meg kind of collaborated on a hook and I told them, ‘Fire up the mic’ and I went in there and kind of my vocals, and me and Meg laid the hook down. That’s how the song came about.”

His work throughout the years in music has continued to resonate with fans today. He says his motivation come from those who have supported him,

“I was getting some workout equipment and a guy came up to me in line and was singing ‘Right Thurr’ and ‘Holidae Inn’ and was saying how I’m one of his favorite artists. I appreciate that because that’s why I do it. When you have those fans come up to you, that makes me feel good. That makes me feel proud that somebody’s actually taking to my music.”

To add, Chingy and his country music duo shared a video tutorial explaining the “The Woah Down,” steps.


Chingy is set to release more new music in the summer for his EP ‘Crown Jewel,’ this summer. The EP will feature collaborations with Twista and Bobby Valentino.

Check out the video below:

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Authored by: Gregory Molette