Trevor Noah Criticizes People For Not Wearing Face Masks In Public: They’re Ruining It For Everyone!

Trevor Noah Criticizes People For Not Wearing Masks: They’re “Ruining It For Everyone”

Trevor Noah has taken issue with people not wearing face masks in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

During a recent episode of “The Daily Show” Trevor Noah said,

“Now, when the coronavirus pandemic began, the CDC said people didn’t need to wear masks unless they were showing symptoms. But a couple of weeks ago, they changed their mind after realizing that if everyone wore masks in public, it could stop people from spreading the disease.”

He continued:

“Now, this all seems reasonable enough, right? Everyone just needs to wear a mask when you’re gonna be outside around other people. But apparently, it’s the furthest thing from simple.”

“The Daily Show” host then goes into a story about Stillwater, Oklahoma. There, the report states that a regulation implemented in stores and restaurants for people to wear face masks was amended. The regulation was no longer in order after threats and verbal slurs were directed at employees for attempting to enforce the policy.

In Miami, Florida, a reporter stated that a park was now shut down after police released more than 7,000 warnings to Miami residents that were not wearing face masks.

A security guard in Michigan was also reportedly shot after a confrontation with a customer over a face mask. And, police are currently searching for a man who wiped his nose on an employee’s shirt after he was asked why he was not wearing a face mask of some sort.

Trevor Noah added,

“Whoa! Why are people so angry? Health officials are asking for us to cover our faces to protect ourselves, and everyone’s acting like they have to get spayed and neutered. And the people who don’t wear masks are ruining it for everyone […] Nobody’s looking at anybody’s faces. But if we know that masks can help save lives and stop the spread of coronavirus, why are so many people refusing to wear masks when they go out in public? Well, one reason is that, just, honestly, they’re not super comfortable.”

After analyzing a series of stories surrounding citizens across America and the problems surrounding wearing face coverings, Noah said:

“The question [still] remains why are so many Americans resistant to wearing a mask in public? It is really weird to me that so many of these people who refuse to wear masks claim to be proud patriots who would do anything for their country. Because right now, America is at war with the coronavirus, and if you’re going out in public without wearing a mask, well, then, you’re fighting for the other side.”

Earlier this month, Trevor Noah made headlines for allegedly paying his crew’s salaries until production is up and running again.

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Authored by: Cierra Jones