Kehlani Suggests She & YG Had An Open Relationship: It Wasn’t Honored, It Was A Lot Of Lies & Covering Up

YG, Kehlani

Kehlani Suggests She & YG Had An Open Relationship: It Wasn’t Honored, It Was A Lot Of Lies & Covering Up

R&B singer Kehlani has recently released her sophomore album, It Was Good Until It Wasn’t, on all streaming platforms, which brought the songstress her first #1 spot on iTunes. Just ahead of that release, Kehlani dropped a song titled Valentine’s Day (Shameful), which alluded to the end of her “open relationship” with rapper YG.

Now, she’s opening up about her romance with YG even more. By way of video chat, Kehlani sat down and spoke with “The Breakfast Club” to discuss her music and her breakup with YG.

When asked about the possibility of being in an open relationship in the future, Kehlani responded:

Well I mean to be honest the last one was kind of open. I think that’s what the big deal was about the situation that had happened was because I did give the space for communication in it to be open. It wasn’t kind of honored, which kind of made it worse when you’re like hey I low-key I am saying any, you know sh*t can go down um as long as everything [is] communicated and everyone’s adults.

Kehlani continued:

I know how this life is and i’m not really a big tripper off of most things in general but yeah I think it’s all possible. I think it’s about where you’re at with it. I think it’s about what matters to you as a person and certain things I really genuinely don’t care about and certain things you know bother me more than other things. So I think it’s all possible. I think being with the right mature person…I won’t say mature because it has nothing to do with maturity, but if that’s what they want to do and that’s where I’m also out with it then it’s always possible.

Kehlani and YG

Fellow TBC host DJ Envy then asked the singer if she was more upset at the lack of communication, instead of cheating during her relationship with YG.

The songstress replied:

It was a lot of lies and a lot of covering up […] That’s what i’m saying when it was like deep and it was like intricate. It wasn’t like a simple, I found out the basics of something. It was deep. It was intricate and it was like a big weaving of something that turned into something else. That’s why I never spoke up on the outside the club thing because that wasn’t something that mattered to me. That wasn’t a rule breaking situation. I was like, I just don’t feel like getting online and deeply explaining that [it’s] not a situation that matters to me. Then, I gotta deal with everybody you know coming at my mentality about an open relationship.

Kehlani and YG

Charlamagne tha God asked Kehlani to elaborate on the definition of open.

Kehlani response:

 I think it’s whatever boundaries you guys set with each other. If you decide to like what matters to you… it doesn’t matter to me. You can date other people that doesn’t matter to me. It’s really like each one of those relationships has to be set by each little rule with the two people. It’s not like a formula for an open relationship. It’s like, does this sex matter to me with somebody else? Does dating someone just seeing someone hanging out with someone matter to me? Does texting someone matter to me? You have to go through each individual step with those things. I personally can’t define an open relationship for anybody else.

Check out the clip of Kehlani with The Breakfast Club below.

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Authored by: Cierra Jones