Future Tweets Cryptic Message, After Eliza Reign Confirms He’s The Father Of 1-Year-Old Daughter

Future, Eliza Reign

Future Tweets Cryptic Message, After Eliza Reign Confirms He’s The Father Of 1-Year-Old Daughter

Earlier today (May 11th), rapper Future (real name Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn) was confirmed to be the father of Eliza Reign’s 1-year-old daughter Reign, according to OnSite. The pair have been partaking in an ongoing court battle over Eliza’s daughter. Eliza Reign is currently suing the rapper for paternity, custody, and child support.

After the paternity test results were released on social media, Future took to Twitter, tweeting cryptic messages seemingly about Eliza posting their business on the internet.

In the simultaneous tweets, the rapper wrote:

Teach these hoes how to keep they business off the internet..

U run to the internet.

We previously reported that during their Florida court battle, the “I Won” rapper allegedly did not want to pay more than $450 a month if he was revealed to be the father of Eliza’s daughter. It was also reported that Future said that Eliza referred to her 1-year-old Reign as a “check baby”. His legal team stated that the phrase:

“slang terminology describing a child conceived solely for the purposes of extorting monies from the father of a child in the child support setting.”

In response, Eliza denied the allegations that she consider her daughter to be a “check baby”. At the time, she wrote on her Instagram:

At this point, even I’m tired of hearing about the case. It’s much easier to just be responsible. Honestly […] And for the record, I have never referred to Reign as a “check baby”. Others who dislike me have. People can make claims all day but that’s a bit much. I love my baby and it shows. And that’s all ima say.

For Mother’s Day, Future thanked the mothers of his children. Two women who were rumored to have children by the rapper were left out, one being Eliza.

Eliza and and the rapper have yet to publicly speak out about Future being confirmed as the father of 1-year-old Reign.

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Authored by: Cierra Jones