Justine Skye Pours Out Her Emotions About Heartbreak In Her New Single ‘No Options’

Justine Skye

Justine Skye Pours Out Her Emotions About Heartbreak In Her New Single ‘No Options’

Singer Justine Skye has been keeping herself busy with writing and releasing new music. Justine Skye released her new single ‘No Options’ on May 13. She released an EP last year titled ‘Bare With Me’ however, ‘No Options’ and her other singles such as ‘Maybe’ and ‘Secrets’ will be added onto the full-length LP. ‘Bare With Me’ will be rereleased sometime this year with the three new singles.

Justine Skye also released the music video to ‘No Options’ on the same day she released the single. The video has 3.6K views so far and showcases Justine’s artistic process. In the music video are a series of clips of Justine spending time with friends, writing in the studio, singing in the recording booth, performing live, and showing off her personality.


In the song, Justine pours her heart out about a lover that will eventually regret letting her go.

Settle down now, little amount, shakin’ tables
I won’t wild out like a child now but I’m able
Eyes wide like a fiend, makin’ a scene
Now you’re friends gonna see what I mean

You got me sick, you’re so toxic
Our love blew up, catastropic
I feel like we have no options
Want something real but it’s not this

I finally said something
But I owe you nothing
Don’t know why you are lonely
You gon’ end up lonely
I won’t battle with your ego or your f***n’ past, boy no, no
Know you had it good but I’ll probably your last, boy, yeah, yeah
‘Cause this s**t ain’t love
I’m not what you want, I know I’m not home
You hate when I’m gone

See the full music video below.

The release comes after she was spotted singing with producer Timbaland on Instagram.

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Authored by: Chelsea Adjalla