Tyrese’s Wife, Samantha Gibson, Surprises Him w/ A Brian McKnight Performance For Date Night [WATCH]


Tyrese’s Wife, Samantha Gibson, Surprises Him w/ A Brian McKnight Performance For Date Night [WATCH]

American musician/actor Tyrese might have been given the best date night ever by his wife, Samantha Gibson, who surprised him with a virtual performance by Brian McKnight.  On Friday (May 15th) Samantha Gibson hacked Tyrese’s, Instagram page to let everyone know that it was her turn to plan their date night and she had something big up her sleeve.

“it’s me, Sam…. surprising my husband on #DateNight with one of his FAVORITE artists on LIVE (one of mine, too)! So, shhh, y’all, don’t say anything! I’m so excited I can’t stand it. It’s my turn to plan date night tonight, and I have to go all out. Tag your friends, your partners, & TUNE IN on Tyrese’s IG LIVE TONIGHT AT 6:30P PACIFIC TIME/ 9:30 PM EST to watch me surprise him, to see who it is, and enjoy the moment with us.”

Samantha Gibson seemed to be really excited to surprise Tyrese and hacked his page again an hour before the performance to remind everyone to tune in. 

When it’s time for their date night Samantha Gibson leads Tyrese, who is blindfolded, up to a phone with a smiling Brian McKnight that’s playing the piano on the screen. Before the blindfold is removed Brian Mcknight starts to sing and Tyrese seems to know immediately who it is. 

“Oh, that’s Brian Mcknight,” Tyrese says. 

Both Samantha Gibson and Tyrese seem to be filled with joy as Brian Mcknight sings his hit song ‘Love Of My Life’ to them. 

After their date night ended, Tyrese took to Instagram to show his appreciation for what his wife did for him. 

He wrote Saturday (May 16),

“No more date nights for me….. I quit-
My play book was studied left the door open and she killed……… #DateNight just ended it’s 3:01am-“

Earlier this week, Samantha Gibson also celebrated her husband by giving him an appreciation day on what she calls ‘King Gibson Appreciation Day.’ 

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Here’s just a glimpse of what occurred on King @tyrese Gibson Day earlier this week! My husband just loves and loves, does and does, gives and gives. On this day, we had to take the day to honor Tyrese, had to involve the kids- to help me honor their gift of a father & husband @tyrese. I wanted to Let him know that I see him, that we see him, I love him, we love him, that we are so grateful for him & the things he does for me & for us, and I’m thankful to God for bringing Tyrese into my world. We went ALL OUT! And tomorrow, for MY date night, I plan on doing the same. I post this to encourage women, let’s honor our men, uplift them, make them feel warm & fuzzy, loved and appreciated. ESPECIALLY during this hard quarantine time. Men, by society, are conditioned to keep their emotions to themselves…to not share and shoulder the burden all on their own. Lets put God at the center, and create a world where there’s no tit for tat, it’s just me (and your partner, hopefully) loving you the best I can for as long as I am able to- not contingent upon what your partner has or has not done (and vice versa). Let’s get it, ladies!

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel