Neyo’s Wife Crystal Smith & Monyetta Shaw Explain How Long It Took For Them To Get Along 

Neyo’s Wife Crystal Smith & Monyetta Shaw Share How Long It Took For Them To Get Along

Neyo’s ex girlfriend, Monyetta Shaw (who he has two children with) and his wife  Crystal Smith (who he has two children with) recently had a candid conversation about their blended family. During their conversation, Crystal goes into detail about how she handled going through issues with her husband.

NeYo, Crystal Smith

Earlier this year, Crystal and NeYo made headlines after the singer filed for divorce. They have since reconciled.

NeYo’s Wife Crystal Smith Explains How She Dealt With Their Marital Issues In Front Of Their Kids

Crystal explained the importance of saving face for her children.

“One thing, I mean as the world knows, when me and my husband was going through it, one thing I never did was cry in front of my children, or talk about it in front of my children, so they didn’t know anything, it was like nothing ever happened.

She continued,

I made that a point because how they feel about their mother and father’s relationship is very important. You just gotta, go in the closet and cry, get in the shower, do what you gotta do to get your stuff out, but don’t let your children see that, and that’s good parenting.”

When asked “How do you start to accept the next women in the father of your children’s life?” Crystal replied:

“She was still going through her emotions, and when I saw them two arguing to a point that I was not comfortable with them arguing with, a lot of people don’t know, I be riding for Mo, she knows.  I didn’t like a certain situation, and so I DM you [Mo] for the first time like ‘Aye, let’s just meet up, and let’s figure this out cuz I don’t like the energy, and I don’t want that to be associated with me and your children.'”

She added,

“I think its just better if you are the new person coming in to kinda of be mature about it, and even if you see the other person has a resistance, be understanding to their feelings because guess what? It could happen to you.”

Monyetta read another question about how the two ladies are able to be in good standing with your kids bonus mom. Crystal explained:

“I always say the same thing, because those are my kids mother they be like ‘Why you call her yo baby momma?’ regardless, you’re always going to be in my life so you’re my baby momma. No matter what our kids have the best bond, so for me, the relationship between you and I is important. The underlying thing is, genuinely getting along and being friends.”

Crystal Smith Refers To Monyetta Shaw As Her Baby Mama: You Are Always Going To Be In My Life

Monyetta goes on to say that she wanted that too for their relationship, but she didn’t want it to be fake:

“Of course that’s what I wanted too, but I didn’t want it to be fake.”

Crystal says that she knew the day where the two ladies would be friends would happen, and she couldn’t wait for that day:

“We were never nasty to each other, so I think from like once we met, I know from my end, I even said to Shaf [Neyo] like d*mn well what the f*ck is wrong because I liked her. And then from there it just, you were still going through what you were going through, and it made tension because I never knew how to handle it.  

She continues.

Because I was empathetic, still am to how you feel.  Ya’ll were trying to figure ya’ll things out, so for me it was just like ‘I like her and feel like once we get to this place, it’s going to be fun, and I was waiting on that day, and I’m so glad that day came.”

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Authored by: Demi Lobo