Teen Star JoJo Siwa Debuts Her “Average Jo” Look With TikTok Challenge, Social Media Reacts

Teen Star JoJo Siwa Debuts Her “Average Jo” Look With TikTok Challenge, Social Media Reacts

Super sensation, JoJo Siwa (born Joelle Joanie “JoJo” Siwa), has social media in an uproar. Today (May 19, 2020) is her birthday and true to fashion, she is turning lots of heads and making lots of noise! The teenager, who has been anything but average, rose to fame during her two season stint on Lifetime’s “Dance Moms“.

JoJo has since become a huge YouTube sensation with her singing, dancing and acting skills, mainly appealing to young kids and teenagers alike, even making a brief appearance on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians“.  Kim Kardashian West tweeted that North West (whom she shares with rap giant, Kanye West), was so excited after FaceTiming with the rainbow-color loving star.  She tweeted,

“North just FaceTimed @itsjojosiwa and her life is made!!!!! That was the cutest thing ever seeing North soooo excited!  Especially when she saw her dog bowbow”

Now, JoJo who’s known for wearing bright colors and a side-swept ponytail, unveiled her new, “alter ego”, which is a very toned down, normal but beautiful 17-year-old teenager.  She shocked fans with the “wipe me down” Tik Tok video challenge and fans of the star had a lot to say.

Twitter user @idisconnecteth started a thread that read:

“can’t believe jojo siwa is singlehandedly saving 2020”

Overall, fans shared many of the same thoughts that she should stay that way.  Someone even mentioned that they couldn’t believe she’s now 17!


Who knows where the new look may lead JoJo now that she has unveiled it.  She has built somewhat of an empire at this young age.  Do you believe that JoJo should now be able to relax into her new look and just be a child?  Let us know if you like her new look and if she should stay that way.


Authored by: Robin Ayers