Babyface Announces New Date For ‘Waiting To Exhale’ Special, Shares “Secret” To Writing A Song For Toni Braxton

Babyface, Toni Braxton

Babyface Announces New Date For ‘Waiting To Exhale’ Special And Shares The “Secret” To Writing A Song For Toni Braxton.

It looks like Babyface is ready to deliver on his promise of giving the public his ‘Waiting to Exhale’ Mother’s day special. As we previously reported, this past May Babyface, real name Kenny Edmonds, announced that he was going to be hosting a live stream event for Mother’s Day. For the event, he planned on performing music from the ‘Waiting to Exhale‘ soundtrack and sharing behind the scenes stories from the film. Unfortunately, due to the passing of his friend and record executive Andre Harrell, Babyface decided to postpone the event. 

Even though Mother’s Day has since passed, the Grammy Award-winning artist is keeping his word and has recently announced the new date for this performance. Babyface uploaded a video to his Instagram page letting everyone know that the live stream will take place this Sunday (April 24th).  He also poked a little fun at his longtime friend and musical icon Toni Braxton. In the video, he jokingly shared the “secret” of writing a song for Toni Braxton

“Hey everybody, 25 years ago or so I sat down with my guitar and started to write a song for Toni Braxton and the Waiting To Exhale movie project. Now when you’re writing a song for Toni you kinda gotta write in a specific way. So I’d like to share a little secret on how to write a song for Toni Braxton,” Babyface said. “First you need a glass of water. I prefer bottled water but in a pitch, I will use tap water. Second, take a sip and swallow but leave a little at the bottom of your mouth. This way they won’t completely understand the words you’re singing.”

He continued:

“Third, sing with lots of emotions. I don’t know like – say like somebody just stole your brand new puppy or something.” 

Babyface then impersonated Toni Braxton’s singing style as he performed her hit song ‘Let It Flow’ that’s featured in the ‘Waiting To Exhale’ soundtrack.

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel