Monyetta Shaw Reacts To Whether Or Not She’ll Reconcile With Ex Ne-Yo [VIDEO]

Monyetta Shaw, Neyo

Monyetta Shaw Reacts To Whether Or Not She’ll Reconcile With Ex Ne-Yo

People are still talking about Ne-Yo’s songwriter battle with Johnta Austin on Instagram Live Sunday (March 39). One of those people is Neyo’s ex-fiancé actress and author Monyetta Shaw. She took to social media to express who she felt won the viral competition. While on Instagram live, Monyetta Shaw said she feels the two men tied. 

“Johnta’s pen game is crazy. And [my children’s father] pen game is crazy. I feel like it was a tie,” The mother of 2 said. “I love that they were both giving each other props. Because there is enough room out there for everybody, cause I don’t like the beef. Can’t we all just get along?” 

 While on the topic of her ex, a fan told Monyetta Shaw that they loved seeing her with Ne-Yo and asked if she had any plans on getting back together with the father of her children now that he’s is getting a divorce. 


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 Monyetta Shaw responded by saying:

“aww that’s sweet but no. He’s an awesome person but we’re good.

This past February we broke the story that Neyo’s now estranged wife, Crystal Smith, was preparing to divorce the 40-year-old singer.

Ne-Yo has since confirmed this in an interview. He said,

“It’s slowly but surely becoming public knowledge that myself and my wife have decided to go ahead and get a divorce. It’s not a sad thing, it’s more of a us realizing long story short, I’m never gonna talk bad about her.” Neyo said. “I’m not that person. There’s nothing bad to say about her. She’s a fantastic woman. She’s the mother of my children and she’s always gonna be that….Long story short, she’s got demons just like everyone else, just like me and we realize our demons don’t mesh  — and until the both of get ahold of our personal demons, it’s gonna be just difficult for us to stay married. That’s the end of that chapter, not the end of that book.”

 Ne-Yo and Crystal Smith announced their engagement and that they were expecting their first child in 2015. The couple officially married in 2016  and had their second child together that same year.

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel