Rapper Young Buck Shared A Jail Cell w/ Future’s 17-Year-Old Son

Young Buck, Future

Rapper Young Buck Shared A Jail Cell w/ Future’s 17-Year-Old Son

It turns out rapper Young Buckwho was in jail for Christmas after a domestic dispute with his girlfriend, shared a cell with rapper Future’s oldest son, 17-year-old Jakobi Wilburn, who’s facing 20 years for gang-related and gun charges.

Young Buck was recently released and revealed his jail roommate during a chat with DJ Paul.

He said,

“Yeah, lil n***a name was Kobi, I think. I tell the guard, ‘put that n***a in a cell with me.’ You feel me?”

He continued,

“And the little time I was locked up. A little bit of it, I done most of it with his son. His lil’ one. I think I talked to Casino, his uncle’s and sh*t… but it f*cked me up, man.”


He went on to say he made a promise to protect Jakobi Wilburn while they were behind bars together.

“I don’t really know what his charges was and sh*t but we was back there, you know?… I just told Casino, ‘I got him while he back here. I know y’all finna get this n***a all this money you n***as got but I got ’em while he back here.'”

It was previously reported that Jakobi Wilburn was arrested in January for criminal gang activity, criminal trespass and altered ID of firearm charges. He’s accused of allegedly scratching the serial number off of a gun that he had. The 17-year-old is seen as a date in the eyes of the state of Georgia and could get 20 years just for the criminal gang activity charge.

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