Alexis Skyy: If I Gain Another Pound I’m Getting Lipo

Alexis Skyy: If I Gain Another Pound I’m Getting Lipo

Alexis Skyy is ready for lipo if she gains any more weight.

The reality star was met with many questions after she posted a picture to social media saying she had gained weight and would possibly get liposuction. In a now-deleted post, Alexis Skyy, pictured in a bra and boy shorts, complained about gaining weight making changes to her body. She writes:

“If I gain another pound I’m going to get lipo.”

This caption paired with the photo of her flat stomach, small waist and wide hips caused many fans to question why she would get liposuction again. She ended up deleting the picture and clarified her comment on her Instagram story:

“I never had lipo! I want to get it though I’m just scared the pain I had from my breast was so painful.”

Many other celebrities have opened up about their experiences with cosmetic surgery. Both Porsha Williams of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and model Amber Rose  have recently visited plastic surgeons to get Botox. Both loving their new looks thanked their doctor’s. Porsha Williams writes:

“I feel like a Queen today ! Thank you @dr.thuydoan for my fresh look ! She gave me Botox on my forehead and some cheek highlighting!Being home during quarantine I started to look & feel a bit tired”

Amber Rose writes:

“Botox Baby! Thank you @drjasondiamond Ur the best! My forehead is so Smooth!”

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Authored by: Eugene Smilez