Kandi Burruss Says Her Recent Argument W/ ‘RHOA’ Co-Star Marlo Hampton Was ‘Disrespectful On Both Parts,’ Reality Star Dreading The Reunion Special 

Kandi Burruss Says Her Recent Argument W/ ‘RHOA’ Co-Star Marlo Hampton Was ‘Disrespectful On Both Parts,’ Reality Star Dreading The Reunion Special

Believe it or not, Kandi Burruss-Tucker hates to attend The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunions!

During one of Kandi Burruss-Tucker’s latest interviews, she opened up about her dislike for the show’s finale meeting and the reason behind it.

Kandi Burruss-Tucker

When asked about “hashing out” some of the issues that are arising on the current season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kandi Burruss-Tucker said:

“I never look forward to hashing [problems] out with any of [the ladies], to be clear. I always hate reunions. I always say that; people may or may not listen to me. But, for years, it makes my stomach turn whenever I go into a reunion, because I hate arguing with people, and I always know that it’s going to be just a complete back and forth. You know?”

She then continued by expressing why she feels like the reunion for season fourteen is bound to be a tumultuous one.

This year, especially, because it was a lot of people that were just coming for my neck! And I didn’t realize it. I mean, I had to watch it back on television to find out, like, it’s so many people, on the show, that had a lot of things to say that I didn’t know that was happening. When I was standing around [them] they weren’t really saying some of those things, so, obviously, that’s gotta be addressed.

Judging by Burruss-Tucker’s beef with Marlo Hampton, we would definitely have to agree that this year’s reunion show is probably headed for disaster.

In a recent episode of the popular Bravo series, the 46-year-old and Marlo Hampton got into an explosive argument while attending a dinner on their vacation in Jamaica with the group.

Kandi Burruss-Tucker, Marlo Hampton

The spat kicked off after Marlo Hampton gave her passionate opinions on peach holder Drew Sidora and her husband, Ralph Pittman’s, conversation about Pittman legally adopting Sidora’s son.

In the clip, we see Pittman doubling down on his need to help little Josiah navigate through having two fathers without stripping his biological father of his rights, as Marlo Hampton simultaneously weighs in with her own viewpoints and fires off at him.

Drew Sidora, Ralph Pittman

Following Hampton’s pushback, Burruss-Tucker questioned, along with others at the table, why Hampton chose to “go so hard” about the situation when she sent her two teenage nephews — whom she has guardianship over — to live with someone else. Burruss-Tucker said:

“I’m sorry, this is just weird to me that you’re going so hard about it when you, yourself, are going through your own situation.”

Hampton denied attacking Pittman and instead claimed to be hurt by his reservations about adopting Josiah, due to her experience growing up as a foster child.

Hampton then continued by taking jabs at Burruss-Tucker, alleging that the Xscape icon puts her mother before her husband, Todd, and later saying that she was only “known in Atlanta.”

Burruss-Tucker spoke on her verbal fight with Hampton in the Housewives Recap (mentioned earlier) by stating:

“The argument went way out of hand, between Marlo and I; it’s very disrespectful. I really [didn’t know] how they [were] going to edit it because there were a lot of B-words and F-bombs flown out. It’s going to [go] beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-beep. That’s what it’s going to be! [laughs] Because it was very disrespectful, on both parts. You know? We both were going at each other. 

She proceeded with,

“Marlo always says that she feels like she can go below the belt with people, and I don’t know why she feels like supposed to be acceptable, coming from her, because [she says], ‘Oh, y’all know I always go below the belt!’ So?! I don’t care.”

However, from what she says, at least, the disagreement wasn’t bad enough to make her return her Housewives crown and join Peacock’s The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip.

When the interviewer alluded to whether she’d ever join the spin-off’s casting roster, Burruss-Tucker explained,

“I don’t really think that’s for me. And, I mean, it’s not that I think there’s anything wrong with [the show]; I just feel like the people who I would have probably saw myself being on the girls trip with have already done it. You know? Like, Cynthia [Bailey-Hill] or Kenya [Moore]. You know, people that I would’ve probably felt comfortable [with].”

Well, it’s safe to say that Kandi Burruss-Tucker may hate the drama that comes with being a Housewife, but we’ll still be seeing her on her TV screens every Sunday night!

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell