DMX Appears To Take Issue w/ Kanye West’s Sunday Service: It Don’t Make Sense

DMX, Kanye West

DMX Appears To Take Issue w/ Kanye West’s Sunday Service: It Don’t Make Sense

From his rocky childhood to multi-platinum success, cult-classic films, and his incarceration – veteran rapper DMX (real name, Earl Simmons) has led a rollercoaster life. DMX recently opened up about lyricism, religion in hip-hop, and his issue with Kanye West’s Sunday Service. Peep a few excerpts of their conversation below:

DMX, 49, on the difference between religion and spirituality:

“In an industry where that’s not often talked about, I’ve never been an industry person. I just happened to be a n*gga in the industry- and there’s a big difference. What got me to where I’m at- I had to keep it with me. It’s not so much that I’m a religious person. I’m a spiritual person. I have a relationship with God. When I’m at my lowest, my faith is the strongest. It’s at those times when God can show up and get you through the roughest times you’ve ever been through. When you’re alright, you think you don’t need anything.”

DMX’s faith was put on full display with his spirited prayers at fellow rapper Kanye West’s Sunday Service worship concerts. However, he feels it shouldn’t be limited to a certain day of the week:

“To put it on a date and say, ‘Okay, this day I’m gonna get touched by God”- to me it don’t make sense. Whenever you get touched by him, then speak it! Then do it! You not gon’ get it like that! Like, ‘Oh, every Sunday God’s gon’ talk to me.’ That don’t make sense. But when he does talk to me, trust me – I will pass it on.”

The Ruff Ryders frontman salutes hip-hop’s first anthem, “Rapper’s Delight,” while slamming Fatman Scoop’s placement of Lloyd Banks in his top lyricist list:

“Let me be clear about this: I respect what the first rappers- the original rappers did. They paved the way, but when you talk about lyrically? Look how rap started, ‘Hip / Hop / Hibby.’ What the f*ck is a hibby?…Grandmaster Caz was dope then. He was a storyteller back then…Lloyd Banks? Impress me with four bars of his. It shouldn’t be hard!…anybody I named? Bars on deck!”

Lastly, DMX shared that his rocky past serves as a testimony for God’s protection:

“If I had to look back and change anything, I wouldn’t change a thing. I wouldn’t change anything! ‘Cause the hardest times I’ve been through, was the times I was able to see that God was there for me. When everything was going good, I wasn’t looking for nothing! It’s in my darkest times, when I had the least amount of anything I became aware of how God was willing to do for me. ‘Cause that’s when I needed something to happen.”

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Authored by: Miata Shanay