DMX Poses w/ His Youngest Son Exodus + Fiancée Gives Relationship Advice

DMX son Exodus, fiancée Desiree

DMX Poses w/ His Youngest Son Exodus + Fiancée Gives Relationship Advice

Rapper DMX’s fiancee Desiree Lindstrom took to Instagram on Saturday (May 16) to post a sweet photo of DMX with their son Exodus, who happens to be DMX’s youngest son.

In the caption of the photo, Desiree Lindstrom even reveals that DMX is “the more fun parent” writing,

“All aboard!!!!! Lol he is most definitely the more fun parent when it comes to #exodussimmons lol he will do almost whatever this little boy ask of him just to put a smile on his little face! #teamdad#family#unbreakable#ourblessing”

Desiree Lindstrom took to her Instagram stories where she thanked DMX for everything he’s done for her. She also gave some relationship advice. In the first story she wrote:

“Thank u baby for everything u been doing for me and our family since I’ve been back! It hasn’t gone unnoticed!!! I appreciate the love and you marking things off my wish list lol!”

Desiree then took to the next IG story to reflect on her relationship and give relationship advice,

“When in a relationship you go through ups and downs, happy times, bad times, hurt, pain, joyful and insane moments lol! Loving, hating, uplifting, and disgrading moments! Laughter, anger, smiling, and frowning moments! I say this to say make sure u want to go through some of that if not all of that with someone u actually know who loves u for real! Cause this list can go on and on! lol! #justafunfact”

Last year in February, Desiree confirmed that she and DMX were engaged by posting a photo of her ring.

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Authored by: Chelsea Adjalla