Lil Baby & Jayda Cheaves Sparks Rumors They’re Back Together

Jayda, Lil Baby

Lil Baby & Jayda Cheaves Sparks Rumors They’re Back Together

Rapper Lil Baby and his influencer, baby momma Jayda Cheaves broke up last year due to infidelity, after dating for almost 3 years. But now, Jayda Cheaves is currently trending on Twitter after she recently, posted a photo and videos of her with the rapper on her Snapchat account.   The couple has been on and off again, but Lil Baby confirmed the two were in fact a couple in February. When asked if they were “still together”, he responded:

“It ain’t know ‘still together.’ She’s like, my son’s mama. It ain’t no way we cannot be together. Even if we ain’t in a relationship, like boyfriend and girlfriend type s***…”

During that time, there were rumors that he was also dating reality TV star Alexis Skyy, he denied the claims saying,

“I don’t even know her.”

It looks like the couple is happily “ON” in a cute photo released by Jayda:

Twitter had a lot to say about the Influencer taking her famous rapper bae back,

Earlier this year Jayda said in an interview that, although she loves her son, having a child can put stress on a relationship.

“I love my baby. Don’t get me wrong, but they ruin relationships to me…there’s some people who be like, ‘The baby brought them closer.’ I just feel like a n*gga feel like he can play you when you got his child…there’s a lot of young girls that look up to me, and I’m always gon’ keep it a stack with y’all.”

She added that she will not be having any more children until she gets married,

“Be real with yourself- do it look like I want more kids? I said I’m not having another child until I get married…everybody think it’s all cute and stuff.”

What do you think about the couple possibly getting back together?

Authored by: Demi Lobo