Justin & Hailey Bieber Threaten To Sue Doctor Who Claimed Hailey Had Plastic Surgery 


Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin Bieber

Justin & Hailey Bieber Threaten To Sue Doctor Who Claimed Hailey Had Plastic Surgery

Celebrity couple Justin Bieber and Hailey Rhode Bieber (formerly known as Hailey Baldwin) have taken legal action against a plastic surgeon for claiming that she has had plastic surgery done on her face. According to reports, Dr. Daniel Barrett was recently hit with a cease-and-desist letter by the pair’s lawyers. Their attorneys claim that the Beverly Hills plastic surgeon is using Hailey Bieber’s name, image, and likeness in a Tik-Tok video of him pointing out areas he personally believes the model has had work done on before. 

 In the video, Dr. Daniel Barrett compared an image of Hailey Bieber from 2011 to one of her from 2016. While going over the photos he said,

“I think it’s physically impossible, without getting a little bit of help from someone like myself, to go from [the 2011 image] to the [2016 image].”

In addition to the cease-and-desist, Dr. Daniel Barrett is also allegedly being accused of copyright infringement for the caption of the Tik-Tok video which uses lyrics from Justin Bieber’s popular song “Sorry”If Hailey Bieber has had work done before she won’t be in bad company. Recently, both reality star Porsha Williams and model Amber Rose have shared their positive experiences with getting botox on their faces. Porsha Williams said,

“I feel like a Queen today ! Thank you @dr.thuydoan for my fresh look ! She gave me Botox on my forehead and some cheek highlighting!Being home during quarantine I started to look & feel a bit tired so @dr.thuydoan was just what the dr ordered! Shine bright like a diamond #PjMomma#MothersDayGift2Myself

Amber Rose also thanked her surgeon as well. 

“Botox Baby! Thank you @drjasondiamond Ur the best! My forehead is so Smooth!”


Tammy Rivera has also gone public with her plastic surgery experience. However, unlike the other ladies it wasn’t the best and she revealed that getting lipo was the worst decision she has ever made.

“…I’ve gotten my breast done, and I’ve gotten lipo in my stomach which I never should’ve done, it was the worst decision I’ve ever, It was the worst decision I’ve ever made, the reason I feel as though because, first of all I didn’t need it,  you know at the bottom of your stomach, you have a baby that little pouch that won’t go away? So I was like ‘I’m going to suck this pouch out.  And by me doing that I feel like the fat deposited in other places. And I’ve always been you know, bottom heavy so now I’m extra bottom heavy, people be like ‘Oh you got your a** done,’ I’m like girl if I could suck this sh*t out, I would.”

Tammy Rivera continued:

“I don’t have to get a BBL, it’s crazy because even when I go with my trainers and, I wanna lose my butt, and they’re like ‘Why are you trying to lose your butt?’ It’s just too much butt, like I don’t want this much a**.  


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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel