Garcelle Beauvais Tearfully Reflects On Death Of George Floyd: Black People Are Being Targeted Left & Right

Garcelle Beauvais

Garcelle Beauvais Tearfully Reflects On Death Of George Floyd: Black People Are Being Targeted Left & Right

Actress and new Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Garcelle Beauvais shared an emotional video of herself reflecting on the current events surrounding the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man who died after being suffocated by a police officer’s knee in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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The Minneapolis Police murdered this brother. ? ? This man, who, like Eric Garner, yelled out over and over and over again that HE COULD NOT BREATHE, was CLEARLY in distress. ? ? He is in handcuffs. ? On his belly. ? ? That already makes it hard for people to breathe. ? ? Then, for minutes and minutes on end, the officer keeps his KNEE on this man's neck – literally choking the life out of him. ? ? The people BEGGED for them to let up. BEGGED. ? ? Not that it would matter, but this man wasn't wanted for a violent crime.? ? A grocery store thought he was signing a bad check. ? ? Yeah, really. A bad fucking check. ? ? Show me the white man that has ever been confronted and killed over this. ? ? People are hurting. People are out of work. ? ? I am so utterly disgusted and heartbroken that we live in a nation, in a time, where this keeps happening over and over again. ? ? Our team @GrassrootsLaw is going to fight for justice here and we won't let up until we get it. ? ? But here's the truth – JUSTICE would be this man this being alive right now. We are tired. We are angry. They are already LYING and saying they noticed he "went into distress." No, YOU PUT HIM IN DISTRESS and KEPT HIM IN DISTRESS. ? ? And this shit has to end. Call the Mayor, Jacob Frey @ (612) 673-2100 and let him know he needs to speedily fire these officers and call the DA @ 612-348-5550. That's Mike Freeman. Let him know he needs to file charges immediately. Follow @GrassrootsLaw.

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In her video, Garcelle Beauvais becomes overwhelmed with emotion and describes her feelings about everything in the moment,

“Hey guys it’s Thursday and I’ve been trying to get through this week by powering through, and I feel like I don’t wanna power through. I am sick of what’s happening in the world. I think we’ve lost our humanity, I think we’ve lost compassion, I feel like black people are being targeted left and right.

She went on to question,

What are we supposed to tell our children? Or are we always supposed to be looking over our shoulders? I am sick of it, I am sick of it, I am sick of it, and I know this too shall pass I know that. But we gotta get back to humanity, we gotta get back to loving one another, we gotta get back to looking out for one another. It’s been really hard and I want everybody to speak up. I want everybody to say something about what’s going on whether it’s affecting you directly or not. Let’s get back to humanity and help one another out. That’s all I got.”

Along with the video, Garcelle Beauvais wrote the caption,

“I can’t be quite about this!!!!! This is how I feel #humanity#compassion”

See Garcelle’s full video below.

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Authored by: Chelsea Adjalla