Michelle Obama Breaks Silence On George Floyd Death: I’m A Exhausted By A Heartbreak That Never Seems To Stop

First Lady Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama Breaks Silence On George Floyd Death: I’m A Exhausted By A Heartbreak That Never Seems To Stop

Former First Lady Michelle Obama has officially spoken out about the tragic death of an African-American man, George Floyd

He became much more than a trending topic earlier this week as footage of his death by the hands of a white Minneapolis police officer surfaced and made waves online.

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The Minneapolis Police murdered this brother. ? ? This man, who, like Eric Garner, yelled out over and over and over again that HE COULD NOT BREATHE, was CLEARLY in distress. ? ? He is in handcuffs. ? On his belly. ? ? That already makes it hard for people to breathe. ? ? Then, for minutes and minutes on end, the officer keeps his KNEE on this man's neck – literally choking the life out of him. ? ? The people BEGGED for them to let up. BEGGED. ? ? Not that it would matter, but this man wasn't wanted for a violent crime.? ? A grocery store thought he was signing a bad check. ? ? Yeah, really. A bad fucking check. ? ? Show me the white man that has ever been confronted and killed over this. ? ? People are hurting. People are out of work. ? ? I am so utterly disgusted and heartbroken that we live in a nation, in a time, where this keeps happening over and over again. ? ? Our team @GrassrootsLaw is going to fight for justice here and we won't let up until we get it. ? ? But here's the truth – JUSTICE would be this man this being alive right now. We are tired. We are angry. They are already LYING and saying they noticed he "went into distress." No, YOU PUT HIM IN DISTRESS and KEPT HIM IN DISTRESS. ? ? And this shit has to end. Call the Mayor, Jacob Frey @ (612) 673-2100 and let him know he needs to speedily fire these officers and call the DA @ 612-348-5550. That's Mike Freeman. Let him know he needs to file charges immediately. Follow @GrassrootsLaw.

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As protests have erupted in Minneapolis and major cities like Los Angeles and Atlanta, Michelle Obama has broken her silence on police brutality, racism, and George Floyd losing his life.

She shared a painted drawing of George Floyd, along with Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor. Ahmaud Arbery was shot and killed by a white son and father while he was jogging in New Brunswick, Georgia. Breonna Taylor died after police raided her home and fatally shot her. According to reports, they allegedly failed to identify themselves as officers upon entering her home.

Michelle Obama also mentioned other black lives that were lost by police officers. She wrote,

“Like so many of you, I’m pained by these recent tragedies. And I’m exhausted by a heartbreak that never seems to stop. Right now it’s George, Breonna, and Ahmaud. Before that it was Eric, Sandra, and Michael. It just goes on, and on, and on. Race and racism is a reality that so many of us grow up learning to just deal with.” 

She continued,

“But if we ever hope to move past it, it can’t just be on people of color to deal with it. It’s up to all of us—Black, white, everyone—no matter how well-meaning we think we might be, to do the honest, uncomfortable work of rooting it out.”

She said “justice” and “compassion” are the keys to moving forward.

“It starts with self-examination and listening to those whose lives are different from our own. It ends with justice, compassion, and empathy that manifests in our lives and on our streets. I pray we all have the strength for that journey, just as I pray for the souls and the families of those who were taken from us.”

Continued prayers for George Floyd’s family and loved ones!

Authored by: Char Patterson