Update: T.I. & Tiny Awarded $100k From Sabrina Peterson After Shutting Down Majority of Ex-Friend’s Defamation Lawsuit

Update: T.I. & Tiny Awarded $100k From Sabrina Peterson After Shutting Down Majority of Ex-Friend’s Defamation Lawsuit

Update: (Oct. 18, 2023): Looks like Sabrina Peterson will have to pay music couple T.I. and TamekaTiny” Harris some serious coins.

According to a report from RadarOnline, the businesswoman was ordered to pay a large portion of the couple’s legal fees amid their ongoing court battle. As previously covered, T.I. and Tiny filed a countersuit against their ex-friend, requesting that she pay the $165,000 bill from their attorney after they successfully beat (most of) her defamation claims. Peterson quickly filed a motion to have their request denied, however, it looks like a judge has sided with the love birds.

Sabrina Peterson

Reportedly, it was recently ruled that Peterson will have to fork over a part of their legal fees, $96,702.

The minute order allegedly stated,

“The Court finds that based on its experience with fee rates in the Los Angeles area and based on the representations set forth in the Brettler declaration, the fee rates requested by the Harris Defendants are reasonable.”

Allegedly, Peterson has 90 days to finalize payment. In 2021, Peterson brought multiple accusations against the couple, including claims that T.I. once pointed a gun at her head and threatened to kill her.

Reports note that five of the seven allegations against T.I. and Tiny were dropped. There’s still an ongoing case surrounding the remaining claims.

T.I., Sabrina Peterson

Original Story: (Oct. 12, 2023): Married musicians T.I. and Tiny Harris are facing some legal pushback in court.

According to a recent report from Radar Online, the couple’s former friend Sabrina Peterson wants a judge to drop their countersuit against her.

T.I. & Tiny

Reportedly, Sabrina Peterson filed a motion requesting that the $165,000 T.I. and Tiny Harris claim she owes them be dismissed or severely reduced. If you recall, the entertainers sued her to cover their legal fees after successfully beating (most of) her defamation case against them. In the new motion, the businesswoman reportedly claimed the amount the pair is suing for is an inflated number, and that invoices from their legal team do not accurately reflect the amount they’re seeking.

Her legal document reportedly read:

“Their motivation for [countersuing] is not a good faith effort to collect fees owed but is a Hail Mary attempt at disgorging all fees associated with this litigation from its inception.”

Sabrina Peterson


“This request flies in the face of the order issued by the Court of Appeals, which awarded them fees based solely on the five counts on which they prevailed,”

At this time, the judge has reportedly not yet decided on the matter. Peterson’s fight against the Harris family stems from her accusations that rap star T.I., real name Clifford Harris, previously assaulted her. She claimed that after getting into an argument with the 43-year-old’s assistant, he put a gun to her head, stating:

“B—- I’ll kill you.”

Additionally, Peterson claimed that the rapper put a hit out on her and that he and his wife Tameka ‘Tiny‘ Harris, 48, subsequently went on to try and discredit her claims in the media. The Glam University CEO then filed suit against the pair for defamation and assault. As we previously reported, however, an appellate court decided earlier this year that the majority of the suit didn’t stand up in court. Five of the seven charges filed against them were dropped, prompting the couple’s countersuit.

T.I. and Tiny

At this time it does not appear that either T.I. nor Tiny have reacted to the ongoing legal situation with Peterson. We will continue to update as the story moves forward.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson