Khia Tells ‘Wobbly’ Shekinah ‘Cancel Your Life’ Amid Her Gucci Comments, Shekinah Reacts

Khia, Shekinah

Khia Tells ‘Wobbly’ Shekinah ‘Cancel Your Life’ Amid Her Gucci Comments, Shekinah Reacts

Florida rapper Khia has hit the scene yet again with her mile-a-minute reads but this time, they’re aimed toward hairstylist, entrepreneur, and “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Shekinah.

Recently, Shekinah has been in the hot seat after video clips from Instagram live showed her crying over what was perceived as the looting of a Gucci store as a response to the murder of George Floyd.

Shekinah then went head-to-head with Tory Lanez, who took issue with her comments.

Days later, Shekinah issued an apology and wrote on Instagram,

“I hate how people love to switch up the things you say! I hate that you all took what I was saying the wrong way! I don’t care about material things at all!! I care about us!! I care about everyone!! I am sorry to anyone I’ve hurt or pissed off!! #blacklivesmatter and I am sorry if I hurt anyone! Life is too short!! And I am crying all day today too! I am with you”

Shekinah’s tears didn’t sit right with rapper Khia, 42-year-old maker of the hit “My Neck My Back.” She voiced her opinion in a video and kicked off her slew of insults, calling Shekinah a “slow bus riding wh*re” and repeatedly said she has special needs and is “retarded.”

She added:

“I told y’all that b*tch wore a helmet growin up. Y’all let this retarded b*tch run around out here without a caregiver…can’t fit nothin in Gucci let alone buy anything out of Gucci. B*tch you ain’t got no money…Can’t even get a pocketbook over your fat a** arms. All you can get out the Gucci store is a keychain. You can’t get a scarf to go around your fat a** neck or yo big a**head you big bad body built b*tch…”

She continued on to describe Shekinah as

“wobbly, deformed, and lopsided.”

Khia went in for the kill at the end of her video explicitly detailing how Shekinah should commit suicide over this whole situation. She said:

“I hate her fat cigarette smoking b*tch that wanna act like they know so much when they don’t know nothing at all. We the people sentence you to putting a brown plastic bag over yo head and suffocating yourself till you die h*e. Cancel yo life, in that order.”

Shekinah didn’t take long to hop on Instagram and respond, showcasing her physique. She wrote the caption,

“Hi Khia, girl can you please help me clean my a** being that my arms are too short!!! Khia can you please help me because I don’t have no money!!!???? Khia can you help me out SISTER!! I need help!! Khia can you help me get on??!please can you turn me on to the right people?? Please!!!”

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Written By: @a.girlwhowrites

Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta