Nene Leakes Calls Out Major Company Execs: Blacks Aren’t Treated Equal But You Don’t Care!

NeNe Leakes

Nene Leakes Calls Out Major Company Execs: Blacks Aren’t Treated Equal But You Don’t Care!

Nene Leakes is using her platform to speak out against large companies and the executives that sit at the top.  She took to her Instagram page and wrote,

All of these companies coming out with large contributions toward social justice!  Clearly there are lots of executives sitting in these offices with no heart & no feelings!  You sit there knowing a black persons hasn’t been treated equal but you don’t care!  I just want you to know, your a piece of sh*t!

The businesswoman and star of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta captioned to post:

You can’t WIN, when you play DIRTY!  Your day is coming

Nene Leakes has been very vocal during this time of unrest as the world is rising up to use their voices for justice towards systemic racism.  She recently called out people who she believes are using these causes as a PR stunt.  On Saturday (June 6th), she tweeted a cryptic message:

There are people out here acting like/fronting like they are supporting the cause but they really want you to NOT call them out so they pretend to be involved, pretend to care but they really treating this like a PR stunt. Stop it! You just don’t wanna be called out.


The reality star turned actress recently joined protests in Atlanta alongside her husband, Gregg Leakes, who recently overcame cancer. She stated in her post that she and Gregg Leakes were both afraid to go out and protests, given the state of of his past health but she says:

Gregg really felt he wanted to get out and try for a few and let everyone know that no matter what, we stand loud and proud! Black Lives Matter and it has ALWAYS mattered.  

She went on to thank the protesters, saying,

Thank you to everyone out here in the hot sun protesting daily!  We love you and support you

Do you agree with the statements that Nene made about big corporations and their executives?  Tell us what you think!

Authored by: Robin Ayers