Nicki Minaj Tells Tekashi 6ix9ine How She Feels About Rats [WATCH]

Tekashi, Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj Tells Tekashi 6ix9ine How She Feels About Rats [WATCH]

Chart-topping rapper Nicki Minaj and controversial musician Tekashi 6ix9ine celebrated the release of their latest collaboration, “TROLLZ,” with an Instagram Live session. But interestingly enough, their conversation addressed the topic of snitching. Tekashi 6ix9ine went viral for outing fellow rappers like Cardi B and Jim Jones along with his former gang cohorts during his highly publicized racketeering trial last year.

Due to his cooperation with the authorities and his compromised immune system, he was released on protective orders this past April because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But Nicki Minaj told Tekashi that she feels the public shouldn’t blur the lines between street business and the music business:

“Tekashi 6ix9ine: I just exposed mad n*ggas for being rats…

Nicki Minaj: I feel like this is the music business, and I think we’re confusing the two. So it’s like when I talk about people not writing raps- that’s a music business issue. Somebody else could be like, ‘Oh I don’t care about that’- if somebody write they raps, that’s their prerogative because they’re not in my business. They didn’t [put] blood, sweat, and tears and grind it out so they don’t, you know, have to feel a certain way like I do…Y’all wannna talk about people not writing they raps one minute, and then do songs with people that don’t write raps the next minute. But if somebody talk about the integrity of hip-hop, then it’s a problem. But y’all could talk about the integrity of the streets and not snitching.”

Nicki says that people that have with pasts that are tied to incarceration and opinions on snitching should be deemed valid, but there are rappers who pretend to relate to that lifestyle. She also noted her husband, Kenneth Petty’s, stance on the topic:

“My take on it is I feel street n*ggas have every right to feel how they want to feel about snitching because they live that life…None of you n*ggas is on the block! If these n*ggas is out there doing what they doing and banging, and really livin’ that life wanna talk about it, I have to respect it. We all gotta respect it, because they play by a different code…y’all bend the rules for different people…So let’s be clear when we talk about rappers versus street n*ggas. It’s rappers that push guns they never busting a day in a life in their music all the motherf*ckin’ time, so we’re not talking about rappers.

Kenneth Petty, Nicki Minaj

I feel street n*ggas have a right to feel how they wanna motherf*ckin’ feel because they in the field. And, you know, I’m not on the block with 6ix9ine. We in the music business. So you rappers is in rooms all the time with people with sketchy pasts, and I’m not judging anybody…my husband doesn’t f*ck with the snitch culture…and I respect him because he’s lived a different life, but y’all wanna make it rap one minute and street the next minute.”

Nicki Minaj ended with this thought:

“I feel rappers need to play it easy because everybody…integrates with everybody, and if a top executive rat call one of y’all unsigned rappers right now, y’all signing!”


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Authored by: Miata Shanay