Wife Of Black Anchor Craig Melvin Has Uncomfortable Conversation About Race W/ Mother-In-Law

Wife Of Black Anchor Craig Melvin Has Uncomfortable Conversation About Race W/ Mother-In-Law

TODAY anchor, Craig Melvin, who’s also a black man, shares that his wife, Lindsay Czarniak recently sat down for an uncomfortable conversation about race with his mother, Betty Jo Melvin.  Amid the global climate of racism, now more than ever, many white people are attempting to gain clarity on issues pertaining to race.

Lindsay Czarniak, a FOX reporter and host, shares two children with her husband and wanted to have an open dialogue with her mother-in-law to learn more about raising black children, her current views on police, as well as what it was like for Betty Jo Melvin to hear that her son was dating a white woman.

Craig Melvin urged his followers on Instagram to watch the conversation, saying:

A conversation worth watching

My wife @lindsaycz and my mother, Betty Jo, sat down to have one of those uncomfortable conversations about race. My mom shared her experience growing up in 1960s South Carolina and Linds picked her brain about how to talk to our children about race and the renewed hope that’s been sparked. I’m proud of them and think you should watch…

Lindsay Czarniak posted the video in a 3-part series, including cover photos with her mother-in-law.  Her caption states:

What should I tell my kids about race?

This is the second part of my conversation with my mother in law @bmelvin803 please share your thoughts

When discussing what Betty Jo Melvin thought when she heard that Lindsay was a white woman, her mother-in-law opened up about not seeing color.  She said,

“I told him that love has no color, that your skin color doesn’t matter, as long as you loved him and he loved you. The color of your skin has nothing to do with who you are on the inside.”

Do you commend Lindsay Czarniak for having an open dialogue with her mother-in-law on issues of race?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

Authored by: Robin Ayers