Rick Ross’ Ex Briana Camille Reveals She’s Pregnant W/ Their 3rd Child Amidst Court Battle

Rick Ross’ Ex Briana Camille Reveals She’s Pregnant W/ Their 3rd Child Amidst Court Battle

It was previously reported that Briana Camille, the ex-girlfriend of rapper Rick Ross (real name William Leonard Roberts II) is pregnant.  The former couple shares two children together, Berkeley, 3, and Billion, 2, and before their split around the New Year, Briana Camille and her two children resided with Rick Ross.

After Briana Camille began to raise their children on her own, she reportedly decided to sue Rick Ross for paternity to establish him as the father of their children, holding Rick Ross financially responsible for their kids.

Ross & Briana

Briana Camille previously asked for immediate temporary child support, accusing Rick Ross of failing to pay child support, but Rick Ross refused because there wasn’t proof that the children were his. She also alleged that he didn’t pay anything toward her prenatal care with her current unborn child, and allegedly failed to help pay medical bills. Reports state that Briana Camille wants Rick Ross to pay her lawyer’s fees as well.

On (May 15th) Rick Ross posted a video that had the internet speculating that it was directed towards his baby mama, saying that he took a DNA that proved .. he is the father.  In the video, Ross is heard saying,

“I heard fat girl took the bait, she took the blood test. Man they say she d*mn near fell running away from them people when they came to make her take the blood test. She took it, and I’m the daddy and I’s the pappy.”

Today (June 15th), Briana Camille has posted a video to her Instagram page revealing her baby bump, saying that she’s been putting all of her energy into love, not hate:

“In the mist of so much going on in the world I choose to put my energy into spreading LOVE not hate. That’s what my kids see and receive from me and will always remember. Being a mother is the most beautiful and endearing thing I could be in my life right now. To be able to carry a child/children a whole tiny being for 9 months is beyond superpower. I Embrace it and everything that comes with it. The cravings, the weight gain, the GLOW, the sleepless nights, aches, excitement, anticipation, frequent trips to the bathroom etc…… it’s definitely a journey but a BEAUTIFUL one that is all worth it, the moment you hold your tiny person in your arms and know that they look at you as the most perfect, flawless, thing they have seen thus far! To all my fellow super moms I tip my hat to you. You’re amazing and doing a great job! God didnt give us this magical ability to procreate without equipping us for the storms when they come. ? Lets give hope to our upcoming generation by continuing to fight for a better way of life for them and instilling so much LOVE, LIGHT, and RESPECT ?? that they know the difference when it’s anything other than that! #blacklivesmatter #blm#SexyAsAMother #pregnancy#pregnancyannouncement
P.S thank you for all the kind words of encouragement”

According to reports, Briana Camille would like for Rick Ross to be tested for COVID- 19 before seeing his children. Directing attention to his social media pages, which shows that he has not been practicing social distancing or quarantined during the coronavirus pandemic. Brianna’s concerns for custody entail that she wants to ensure:

“…certain health, safety, and precautionary provisions.”

Rick Ross is rumored to now be dating Miami native, Dej Gabrielle.

Rick Ross vacations with rumored girlfriend Dej Gabrielle

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Authored by: Demi Lobo