Rick Ross – DNA Test Proves Rapper Is The Father Of Ex-Girlfriend Briana Camille’s 2 Children Amid Ugly Child Support Battle

Briana Camille, Rick Ross

Rick Ross – DNA Test Proves Rapper Is The Father Of Ex-Girlfriend Briana Camille’s 2 Children Amid Ugly Child Support Battle

Update #2 (May 19): A DNA test has confirmed that there’s a 99% chance Rick Ross is the father of his ex-girlfriend Briana Camille’s two children: Berkley, 3, and Billion, 2, according to BOSSIP. She’s also currently pregnant with what’s said to be their third child together.

Briana Camille previously asked for immediate temporary child support, accusing the rapper of failing to pay child support since February. She said he wouldn’t pay because there wasn’t proof that the children were his. She also alleged he didn’t pay anything toward her prenatal care with her current unborn child, and allegedly failed to help pay medical bills.

Original Story: Rapper Rick Ross has posted a cryptic video that may be in reference to his ex-girlfriend Briana Camille. Rick Ross and Briana Camille reportedly broke up at the end last year. Since then, Briana Camille has reportedly filed for child support and wants the courts to administer a DNA test, so that Rick Ross can be financially responsible for the children they share together. She is also said to be pregnant with their third child.

Today (May 15th) Rick Ross posted a video that some speculate is directed towards his baby mama. In the video Ross is heard saying,

“I heard fat girl took the bait, she took the blood test. Man they say she damn near fell running away from them people when they came to make her take the blood test. She took it, and I’m the daddy and I’s the pappy.”

The ex couple already shares two children together, Berkeley, 3, and Billion, 2.

Briana filed the lawsuit for child support and legitimation and accused the rapper of failing to provide for the kids or help her with pregnancy-related expenses for their third child, who is due later this year.

According to Bossip, Judge Christopher Edward ordered Rick to get the test done at the InteliGenetics testing facility and to pay for the cost of the test. However, if the test determines that Rick did not father the children, then Briana will reimburse him for the testing costs. If DNA test results prove that Ross is the father of the children, then the case can move forward.
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Authored by: Chelsea Adjalla