Wale Lashes Out At His Record Label: I’m Blackballed To Death, My Managers Do The Bare Minimum


Wale Lashes Out At His Record Label: I’m Blackballed To Death, My Managers Do The Bare Minimum

Rapper Wale, born Olubowale Victor Akintimehin, is calling out his record label.

The D.C. native signed with Warner Records ahead of his LP Wow… That’s Crazy, that was released last fall. Before that, he was signed to Atlantic Records. He was signed to Rick Ross’s Maybach Music Group in 2011.

In a series of tweets, Wale took issue with how his label is treating him.

He starts with,

“Labels been lying about the support of black artist and music .. but u know I don’t know how to convey my thoughts with out certain ppl sayin I’m trippin…”

He continued and claimed,

“I’m either a below average artist or somethin fishy… But the information is out there.”

He also declared,

“…I’m blackballed to death. But won’t go there”

He added that the allege treatment against him wasn’t anything new.

“It’s years of bullsh*t behind the scenes. If y’all was bein played wit like this for years you would speak up. Y’all gotta stop wit that sh*t like nobody ever sees issues at THEIR job”

He continues and referenced issues with his latest projects, Imperfect Storm and Wow… That’s Crazy.

“I had to beg my label to make ‘Sue me’ and ‘BGM’ let’s y’all about it . We had to beg them to let @kerbito do his thing with his vision .. it was no before it was yes… It’s complicated. Self Promotion. Free Lunch. Wow .. that’s crazy . The Imperfect storm.”

He concluded with,

“My managers do the bare minimum. Good morning”

This isn’t the first time Wale has spoken out against his label. In 2018, Wale parted ways with his then-home label, Atlantic Records, after feeling that he wasn’t a top priority of the label. At the time, Wale previously had two albums debuted at No. 1, with the platinum singles, “Lotus Flower Bomb,” and “Bad.” However, with the sales of his third studio album, “The Gifted,” selling 30,000 copies in its first week, Wale and Atlantic Records parted ways.

Despite the drama, the rapper recently released the surprise EP, “The Imperfect Storm” earlier this month (June 18), inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement. The 6-track EP features Wale’s viewpoint on the fight against racial inequality. In April, Wale revealed his visual for “Sue Me,” from his sixth album, ‘Wow… That’s Crazy.‘ The tense seven-minute short film, directed by Kerby Jean-Raymond, features the vocals from legendary Kelly Price, shares a powerful message on what’s examined the typical black experience in reverse.

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Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta