D.L. Hughley Reveals He Gave Coronavirus To Radio Co-Hosts & Family Members, Except His Daughter: She Wore A Mask The Whole Time

D.L. Hughley

D.L. Hughley Reveals He Gave Coronavirus To Radio Co-Hosts & Family Members, Except His Daughter: She Wore A Mask The Whole Time

In a recent interview, comedian and author D.L. Hughley revealed that he has spread his coronavirus diagnosis to his family members and his radio show co hosts.

The 57-year-old comedian said that he is currently in his last days of quarantine ever since he was diagnosed with COVID-19 a few weeks ago. He also believes that he contracted the virus in Dallas. D.L. Hughley states,

“I got back that Monday. That Tuesday I’d gone to, you know, do the radio show. And then I did the TV show on Wednesday and then I flew out to the thing in Nashville. Everybody who I came into contact with on Tuesday at the radio show tested positive, everybody. My son, my co-hosts, my other co-hosts all of them except for my daughter, who wore masks the whole time so that was most likely when it happened.”

When asked about his son having the coronavirus the comedian goes on to say,

“My son has it, the co hosts on the radio show has it so I’m a regular Typhoid Mary.”

We previously reported that D.L Hughley’s son Kyle Hughley contracted the coronavirus from his father.

Kyle also noted that he was with his dad the whole week, which is likely why he contracted the virus.

“I regret to inform everybody that I too have tested positive for COVID. I’d be lying if I said I was shocked, since I was around my dad all week. So far, I’m asymptomatic, and I hope and pray that I’ll STAY like that. Thanks everybody for your well wishes.’

He also said in a video,

“Alright there’s no easy way to say this, so I’m going to just say it, uhm, I have officially joined ‘the club’ sorry, trying to make the best out of a sh*tty situation, but I’ve officially joined the club that nobody wants to join and I regret to inform everybody that I have tested positive for Covid. Uhm, I just found out from the doctor of the urgent care that I went to on Saturday when I got tested, I did the nasal swab, they called me a few minutes ago to inform me.”

“I had a slight fever on Friday, and I thought that I was catching a cold, or at least I hoped I was catching a cold, but in the back of my mind, I was like sh*t this might be COVID. I was thinking that, and I was hoping that it was just a cold and, I was hoping it was allergies or whatever this that to whatever, but yea, it wasn’t, unfortunately, I’m asymptomatic so far which is good, so is my dad, we’re both asymptomatic.”

On June 26, Kyle Hughley provided twitter users with an update on he and his dad’s COVID diagnoses,

“Greetings Twitter world! Just wanted to let everybody know that Dad and I are still doing fine.My sense of smell is completely gone, and I am experiencing EXTREME fatigue (though I’m better today), but otherwise, no major symptoms. Hopefully, it continues to stay that way!”

On June 29, Kyle sent another tweet detailing that his coronavirus recovery is going well,

“I’m as healthy as can be, and I’m in great shape, and I don’t have any health problems. And COVID kicked my ass 9 ways to Sunday for 3 straight days. Even so, I consider myself one of the luckier ones. Wear a f*****g mask you selfish pricks.”

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Authored by: Chelsea Adjalla