Miley Cyrus Chooses Sides In Cardi B +Nicki Minaj Beef, “I Listen To Cardi”

Miley Cyrus Chooses Sides In Cardi B +Nicki Minaj Beef, “I Listen To Cardi”

Almost four years ago, MTV VMA audiences were shocked at the extremely awkward moment that occurred between singer/actress Miley Cyrus and rapper Nicki Minaj—with Minaj infamously addressing Cyrus during the show, asking “Miley, what’s good?” A few months ago, the pair appeared to finally bury the hatchet, but that truce may be short-lived because Cyrus just chose sides Nicki Minaj/Cardi B‘s beef.


Miley Cyrus recently premiered three new songs at the BBC Radio1 Festival, including the single called “Cattitude,” which references both Minaj and Cardi—and finds Cyrus officially choosing sides with Cardi coming out on top as her favorite female rapper.

Naturally, Cyrus’ song talking about the two women caught media attention and is sure to rile fans up on both sides of their supposedly squashed rap beef.

The line in “Cattitude” is brief, but makes a firm point nonetheless, stating:

“I love you Nicki, but I listen to Cardi.”

To further drive the line home and ensure that no one missed it, Cyrus  jumped on board the meme bandwagon that erupted over her rhyme, by sharing and posting variations of it including ones such as, “I love you Miley but I listen to Ari [ana Grande]” and “I love you Miley but I listen to Hannah [Montana].”

At press time, neither Minaj nor Cardi has responded to Cyrus’ lyrics, but given how devoted each rapper’s fanbase is, there is likely to be some form of acknowledgement at some point. Stay tuned…

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Authored by: Danielle Jennings